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Button Monogram Christmas Stockings

Back in 2011, I went on Christmas stocking shopping spree and ended up with seven, including the ones that we received.


This year, my old Dapitan and Uniwide stockings will not make an appearance. I am still undecided if I should give them away (Anyone who wants to buy or borrow?) . We have new stockings, lovingly handmade by me. The stockings I actually bought from Uniwide but I did all the embellishing. I got pricked by my needle and got burns from my glue gun but who cares?


To make this project, all you need are buttons, needle, thread and glue gun.


First, I made patterns to guide me and to ensure that my letters are uniform in size.


After I transferred my pattern, I randomly placed my buttons and glue gunned them away.


Really easy peasy. I was able to finish 3 stockings in one afternoon. The next day, I sewed the buttons on the stocking. Not necessary but doing so will prolong the life of my craft projects.

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