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Potty Training Success!

From food, let us move on to potty stories. haha.

It was July 23. I took a leave because I wanted to have an agenda-free day. No errands. No projects. No sick child. I just wanted an extra rest day. I am really glad I took a leave on that day because that morning, Aki said poopoo before actually soiling his diapers for the second time. I blogged about the first time here.  It does not matter if he actually did the deed 3 hours later. The important thing is that he sat in his potty for hours and actually pee-ed and pooped on it. Oh what joy!

For the rest of that week, he has been asking for his potty. His accuracy was about 50 percent. The week after, it was I would say 80%. Unless he was too engrossed in an activity, he would inform us if he needs the potty. I actually bought stickers and studied the how-to’s of administering a progress chart system ala Kazdin method. The stickers ended up in my craft box because Aki did not seem to need any additional encouragement. On the week that he got hospitalized, we even had my in-laws bring the precious potty because Aki would not pee and poop on his diapers. Now, more than a month after he asked for his potty for the second time, he pees standing up and goes to school diaper-free.

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Fun Fun Fun Playdate and Family Photoshoot @ the Fun Farm {teaser}

Last Monday, the much awaited playdate which we have been planning for weeks, finally happened. We went to the Fun Farm at Sta Elena in Cabuyao along with Faye’s, Erlaine’s and Rachel’s families. I was not able to take a single picture using my cam while we were there because I was busy chasing my very happy toddler. The day did not go undocumented as there were 4 photographers from Studio 2716 who followed us everywhere we went. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

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Make-Ahead Sesame-Soy Meatballs for Menu-less Days

This is my version of a recipe that I saw from the Best of Cooking Light 2012 issue.

1 half kilo of ground pork
2 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce
2 tablespoons sesame oil
6 cloves garlic, crushed then minced
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Memoirs of a Mummy

Our Last Resort in Managing the Picky Eating

is Mosegor!

During one of our check ups with Dra Saulog last July, I asked if we can give Aki an appetite stimulant. He was getting sick more often. The culprit I think is the picky eating. There were days when I felt so defeated because no matter how hard and creative I try, he just won’t open his mouth.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

How to Childproof your Electric Fan with just 25 Bucks

Just head to a fabric store, ask for the cheapest tulle, get a yard, wrap the cloth around your fan and secure using a sipit. Voila! You have just childproof-ed our electric fan. In the Los Banos wet market, tulle sells for as low as 25 bucks. Here in Manila, I have seen tulles sell for as much as 200 pesos. Well, that was in Shangri-la Mall. So, it is best to shop around so you can get the best deals. It does not matter if the tulle is rough or heavy. What is important is that those precious little fingers won’t be able to get near the blades.

P.S. You may have noticed that my recent posts are short. I have a lot of text-and-photo heavy drafts in my head but those have to wait because I have an internal target of 25 posts a month, that I need to reach by tomorrow. 🙂

P.S.S. I dedicate this very late post to my mommy friends, Maggie, Marsy, Khaye and Sha  who have one year olds. Good luck!