Buntis Diary: Week 32

Week 32 (June 20-26)Current weight – 164 lbs
Total Weight Gain – 36 lbs

Yey! Another milestone week. This is an important week esp for twin pregnancies. If born this week, babies will still be considered preemie but chances are high that there won’t be long term effects on their health. Thank you, dear God, for continuously watching over us. I am but a vessel. Yours are these babies. 

Lord, pls help me keep the twins inside for as long as possible. 35-36 weeks are ok but 37-38 weeks would be perfect. 


Aki, Me and My 32-week Kinder Egg. This is how we end the day. Aki and I both lying in the recliner, reading a book or talking about how our day went until we fall asleep. Franco will later on transfer Aki to the bed.


Whenever I share my discomforts to my husband, he tells me, “Konting tiis na lang, Be”

Yes, konting konting na lang. The battle is almost won. 


Something new that I have noticed this week: shortness of breath even when I am not physically stressed . I walk a couple of steps towards the bathroom. I go down a plight of stairs. Me watching episode 9 of GOT. Sometimes, for no reason at all. I am just sitting down, working on my laptop. Or in the middle of a meal. 
And another, cramps in the middle of the night. Oooouch! 


*pasintabi sa mga kumakain*

Hello Cankles! 

I am about to say goodbye to my ankles. Where my feet end and my leg starts is becoming unclear.
My feet are also super dry because I can’t reach them anymore. Thus, I am unable to put lotion on them.
There goes my dream to be a Caronia model! 
I bought a lot of second hand cloth diapers. The package arrived yday, Monday. I said before that CD-ing is something I want to try but I don’t want to commit to it yet. Bfeeding will be my main focus after birth. But when you binge buy 30+ diapers in one go, you have no choice but to commit! Hehe. Wish me and my labandera good luck! 
If you have any cloth diapering hacks, do let me know ha. 

What Aki and I are reading

Akimbo and the Lions. More about this when the babies are out.
The red stretch marks have arrived! Grr! They are in the sides, the area that I sometimes miss to lather with sunflower oil. 
I am still grateful though. With Aki, I had white stretch marks and some red ones on the puson area. Since my skin will be stretched more this time, I was expecting that I will have more red streaks and end up looking like a zebra. I hope I don’t jinx myself when I say that so far that is not the case. 
In case you are curious, I don’t put lotion on my tummy. I only use sunflower oil from Human Heart Nature. 
This week, I learned that a TTC (trying to conceive) friend who has been rubbing my tummy whenever we bump into each other is also preggy! She is the 2nd person I know who got pregnant after touching my baby belly. šŸ™‚
Domestic issues! I thought we were going to lose our current helper who is also supposed to bring the twins’ yaya. Ate is not perfect in the same way that Franco and I aren’t perfect employers. There is much to be desired but right now, we can’t afford to lose her. 
Lord, pls help us find a trustworthy and genuinely caring nanny for the twins. 

Akism of the Week I
Aki: I love telling my friends that you are pregnant. 

Me: Really? So did you tell anyone today?

Aki: Well I told F, the assistant leader bully in the school bus. He said that I am going to be so jealous.

Me: You are not going to be just a brother. You will be the 2nd in command parent. You will teach the kids how to be good kids, how to pack away, how to be responsible etc. 

Aki: That is right! 

Akism of the Week II


The Gift of an Ordinary Day

Saturday was our check-up day. 

For the first time in a long time, I sat on the passenger seat beside my sweet driver lover. I reclined the chair, put a pillow for my lower back and, aaaaah, heaven. I haven’t been that comfortable inside a vehicle for a long time. Now if only getting in and out was not an wa-poise and effortful.
Before heading to the clinic, we had an early lunch in one of our fave restos, Mom and Tina’s. One of my buntis cravings, definitely satisfied. And now that we will have more frequent check ups, I am hoping for at least 2 more meals there. 

Here is Aki, clearly amused with the Doppler thing. Both of us got flu shots. My OB recommended getting one bec it will help my and the babies’ immune system. 
OB also said my belly’s fundal height is 38. I asked if that means my tummy now looks 38 weeks (singleton) She laughed and said a full term singleton belly only measures 32.
Oh and may I just share that I think something is wrong with Medical City’s weighing scale. I can not possibly gain 4.25 lbs in 4 days!
I recognize that I better do the things that I will miss, while I still can. One of those is going to MCS. The boys wanted to go home but I was adamant to get my wish. I will probably not be able to visit my fave mall in the next 4 months. 

We had our usual Japanese meals.

I spent an hour or so in Booksales. I scoured the ukay ukay. 

Franco had a massage with his suking blind therapist. 

I had my hair blow dried and ironed in preparation for my maternity shoot the following day!! 
So yes, I was pretty tired by the time we left the mall. If my legs and feet can talk, they probably screamed at me. 
Shortly after we got home, Kakai, my prenatal massage therapist arrived. Now that I am on 8th month, the massage is not as bitin as my last. If you are a cranky and miserable buntis like me, go online and look for the number of the nearest prenatal therapist. Now! You deserve it. Your husband will also thank you for the one-hour no-complain break too! Also, note that if you end up getting a Caesarean section, it will take months before you can have a massage. So have as many as you can while you can!
Here is the book that I bought from Booksale. 

Since 2013 or maybe even earlier, I have been collecting books with strong female characters. Not the ones with your usual damsel in distress princesses. 
I hope I find time to share my collection. 
Sunday was my maternity shoot day!

Here I am looking fresh, thanks to my officemate, Jaypee Lacaste. He also did my make up for our Timezone/Booksale shoot 4 years ago. If you need an affordable artist, just let me know! My specific bilin was for him to make my nose look less manas. Hehe. Thanks, Jaypee! 
We could not find a parking space so the boys decide to stay in the car. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. During the shoot I was wearing only undies and was draped with cloth. I did not feel uncomfortable at all with Jo, our photog who was very caring and continuously checked if I was comfy. It would have been a different story if Franco and Aki were there. I could imagine them smirking on the background and later on grunting bec waiting just isn’t their favorite hobby! 
So glad that I am having a daughter soon. Finally someone who will happily accompany me in my girly errands. 

This is soooo true! 


Look at that big smile! Franco bought toys for Aki. The plan was to give the action figure right away and hide the Nerf until the babies arrive. When Aki visits us in the hospital and meets his siblings, we will give the gift to him and tell him it’s from the twins. Well as you see, my plan was just a plan. Franco was so excited to show Batman that he forgot to hide the Nerf. Now we need another big brother gift for Kuyaks. 

Wow,  I just finished wrapping up this post. I fell asleep twice. And it is not even 8pm yet. 


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