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Galunggong Lumpiang Shanghai ala Rhodora

One of my projects this year is to  learn and document how to cook our favorite family dishes. This is my way of preserving history.  With the high turn-over of helpers, if I don’t learn to cook them myself, who will?

I am determined to learn my mom’ s specialties: embutido,  tinapang isda sa sinigang na bayabas and lumpiang galunggong.

Lumpiang Galunggong seems to be the easiest so I tackled that first.


1/2 kilo Galunggong
1 bunch of kinchay, chopped finely
half of a red bell pepper, chopped finely
one small onion, chopped finely
lumpia wrappers
egg for sealing the wrapper


1. Steam the galunggong until cooked. Once cooked, himay (what’s the English word for himay?) the fish.
2. Mix the fish meat with the kinchay leaves, bell pepper and onion.
3. Put about two spoonfuls of the mixture on the wrapper and wrap.
4. Freeze the uncooked lumpia. The lumpia will be crunchier if comes straight from the freezer right before frying.
5. Serve immediately.

My next cooking projects:

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4 thoughts on “Galunggong Lumpiang Shanghai ala Rhodora

  1. ako like ko ang galunggong na lumpia.. nagluluto ako nyan. masyado lang mabusisi gawin kase matinik yung galunggong. pero masarap. hehehe

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