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First Day of School Traditions

I have 20 million things that I want to blog about. All those have to wait because today, I want to blog about the monumental day that is April 17, 2o12. Yesterday was my not-so-little boy’s first day in school! Because I am a sentimental mom, I tried to start first-day-of-school traditions.

1. New Haircut. I wanted to cut Aki’s hair myself again but the last cut, which was Bruce Lee inspired was semi-disastrous. We went to Kuya Doods, Aki’s barber since he turned one, to trim my son’s hair.

2. A Picure with the first-day-of-school sign. As you can see, yesterday did not start great. Aki always wakes up on the right side of the bed. Out of the 30 days in a month, he wakes up smiling and ready to spread the sunshine in 29 days. Yesterday, of all the days, was that odd day when Aki woke up cranky and crying. I already pre-picked his outfit but he instead on wearing his El Salvador football jersey.

After his two part breakfast, he was back to his old jolly self.

3. First-day-of-school cupcakes. Because I knew that I would not have time to bake, I just bought a mamon and put instant icing and sprinkles. Aside from the mamon, Aki ate egg with rice and a cup of yogurt.

Aki was already dressed for school when he announced that he wanted to eat yogurt and his pah-cake, so we had him take off his clothes again.

4. Homemade cookies. I want Aki to look back at his first days in school and reminisce the sweet smell coming from the kitchen.

5. New lunchbox. I am probably the only one who hates mallwide sales. I do my very best to avoid them. However, since there is nothing in the world that I love more than my boy, I braved the crowds last Friday night, the first day of the last SM Bicutan sale, to look for a lunch box. I looked for a generic non-character lunchbox but did not find anything interesting. I settled for a Mickey Mouse lunchbox with a vintage design. When I came home, I realized that Aki will be using his hand-me-down superhero bag. The next day, Franco and I went back to the mall to replace the first lunchbox with a superhero one to match his bag.  The verdict: Aki loves his lunchbox and brought it everywhere he went last Sunday.

His first baon: cookies and Dutchmill. Today, he will have Cheerios and yakult.

6. Lastly, one last picture before he leaves the house. Here he is pretending to give his dad one last goodbye call.

Aki’s first day in school was better than I expected. I will blog about it next.

By the way, yesterday was also Aki’s first time to successfully put on his shorts all by himself.

I am so proud of you, Aki!

32 thoughts on “First Day of School Traditions

  1. congrats, aki! 🙂 sigurado, sis, malaki magiging improvement n’ya especially sa pagiging independent. 🙂
    Ryken also started his summer art class yesterday. Mangiyak-ngiyak din ako, hehe. I was so proud and happy seeing him following the teacher’s instructions, participating in the activities, and playing with the other kids. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na nakikita mo sa school ang anak mo, lalo na siguro when they graduate and they have honors, hehe. 🙂

  2. wow, congrats and two thumbs up to you and Aki… you finally came up which toddler school to enroll Aki na pala… i remember in your past blogs, you’re still in the process of scouting for the right school. What made you choose this one? hehe… 🙂

    1. Hi Au! Actually, I already decided to send Aki here as early as June of last year. I did not blog about it because people might discover and we might end up not having a slot. Which was the case last November. I will definitely blog about the school after I pay the tuition fee for June

  3. Wow Maqui! You have just created a beautiful memory of Aki’s 1st school day — Congratulations! =)

  4. Three yeys to Aki! Great traditions Maqui. Oh and hindi ka nagiisa sa pagaayaw sa mallwide sales. This Mom never liked it too. Hehe. 😀

  5. Aki looks so grown up on the second to the last picture! Pwede na manligaw 🙂
    Bigla nmn akong nalungkot, sis. Ang laki na ng mga babies nten 😦 Biruin mo, magsschool na si Aki. While si Akira…. waaah! Wala pang school. Na-pressure kmi bigla ni hubby upon seeing this kasi magkalapit lng sila ng age.

    Aside from Gymboree and Kindermusik, I’m not sure if there are schools in Cavite where in once a week lng ang pasok 😦 Nakakatakot kasi magcommute (praning mode: on) at hindi nmn ako mkapagdrive without a helper 😦

    1. Em! Anovey, wag ka ma pressure! Si Aki kase delayed ang speech at walang friends sa village kaya gusto ko talaga ipasok. Si Akira, may mga pinsan at bibong bibo. Plus kasama niya ang best teacher sa bahay, ikaw!

  6. I commend you Maqui for doing all these! It must be really exciting for you (or was it sad knowing that your little boy has grown up na?) This is a refreshing news after the Helper H story. Hay. Mga tao talaga 😦

    Anyway, I already visited Dra Saulog last weekend. Sorry we bailed out nung time that you were supposed to visit the clinic also, due to some reason. Dra Vienne is really good. Not to mention pretty no? I hope hope hope I can bump into you and Aki one day sa clinic nya. And ang dami pala restaurants dun sa area no? hahaha gastos!

    Congrats Aki on your first day of school! =)

    1. Khaye, when your little one is a little bigger, I am sure he will love feeding the koi fish in the fish store right beside the exit. 🙂
      Hope to bump into you too one of these day in Doc’s clinic

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