Aki's Preschool Years

Dugo-dugo Gang

Please take a good look at this boy. He is charmingly manipulative. Be careful. You might end up like his parents, phone-less but deliriously happy.

Happy weekend!

Aki's Preschool Years · Akisms

Question of the Day

Aki rediscovered the finger puppets that one of his godmothers gave him a couple of years ago.


Me: Your Ninang Ameron gave you those.

Aki: Huh?! Who is her? Who is her?!! (we are still working on his grammar issues. Hahaha). Is she dead? Is she dead?!!!!!

Aki's Preschool Years · Akisms · Memoirs of a Mummy


Aki (super proud of himself) : Look, Mom! My wrist is longer now. See?! See?!




Pregnant aunt just arrived


Aki (who has been watching Voltes V): It’s Tita Buuuuuntis Five-Ah!


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String Painting with my Preschooler

Friends, I present to you…. Colorful Chaos by Aki Endaya


This painting now has a special spot in our wall.

And all these colors just started with these three.



We have done several painting projects in the past. And my usual complaint is how hard it is to reopen tubs of paint. We usually pour paint from the cans to smaller containers. The problem with that is paint dries around the opening making the cover and can stick. So for our last project, we used spoons.


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Aki's Preschool Years · Akisms

Akisms at 4.5 years old

Mummy, I am a lover. You are a dreamer. And Daddy is a farter.


I had been asking Aki to go to the dining table and eat for like 4 times. He was happily busy playing with his toys and was pretending not to hear me. Can’t remember what he was playing with but I remember distinctly the sound effects that he was making.

Mummy (in my pretend angry tone) : Aki! I will count 1-5. If you are not here yet… One.. Two…

Aki rushed to the table.

Aki(excitedly): I am here na!!
Me: Thanks. Next time you listen to me right away. Let’s eat.
Aki (looks at his plate, obviously not happy with the food and suddenly changes his facial expression from excited to sad): Sorry, Mummy. I can’t eat because I am sad. I am so sad because your daddy died.


We never run out of excuses! Now he is using my dad’s death 30 years ago not to eat.


Aki: I want to make a card for Babita (Franco’s mom).
Me: She’ll love that! What is your message for her?
Aki: I love you Babita. I really really love you. Thank you, Babita. I love you more than Lolo Tay (Franco’s dad)


Aki just saw the 3D ultrasound picture of him when he was still in my tummy.

Aki: I was gold?


Family Day = Weekend; Office Day = Weekday


Aki:Is it family day today?
Me: No, today is Monday. It is an office day. Yesterday was family day.
Aki: Huwaaat?! It should be family day, family day, family day, office day office day, family day, family, family day


I have a surprise for you…
It is a secret…
It is in my school…
I can’t tell you…
It is a heart with many colors…
I will not tell you my secret…


Pre-Emily days

Me: My tummy hurts!
Aki (smiling ear to ear): Maybe there is a baby in your tummy!
Me: We have to go to the doctor to be sure
Aki (suddenly becomes concerned) Let’s not go to the doctor. Go to the toilet. I think it is just poopsie.


Mummy, when I grow up I want to be an adult…


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Aki's Preschool Years · Akisms

Aki asks, “What is sex, Mummy?”

This was one of those days that I thanked God for sending mommy friends. I think it was last year when my college batchmate slash then-officemate slash mommy friend, Shar shared that her darling daughter asked the same question. Because Shar shared her experience, I was able to immediately  and confidently answer Aki’s question without panic or doubt.

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