Aki's Elementary Years · Akisms

Coolest Mommy on the Block

I am very lucky because I am blessed with an affectionate boy.  He likes kissing and hugging me. He surprises me with flowers. He always protects me from my number one enemy, his dad. He shows me his love both through his actions and his words.

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Aki's Elementary Years · Akisms


Have you ever heard of the LittleHoots app? This app makes documenting Aki’s quotable quotes, so easy and so fun! I love it so much that I overcame my fear of purchasing anything online, just so I can buy more templates. The app itself is free and it comes with free “tiles”. If you want more templates, and I so sure you would, you can buy a set for $0.99 only. Continue reading “Akisms”

Aki's Preschool Years

Dugo-dugo Gang

Please take a good look at this boy. He is charmingly manipulative. Be careful. You might end up like his parents, phone-less but deliriously happy.

Happy weekend!

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Do your kids love posing for the camera? Don’t you just love how they never run out of genuine smiles? Lucky you! I love my son to bits but I can’t help but wish that he is more photogenic. His candid smile makes my heart leap but his 1-2-3 smiiiiiile makes it clear that modelling is not for him. Haha. And don’t even dare ask him for retakes. Am not surprised. Franco is just like that, maybe even worse. During our last photoshoot, my 33-year old first born almost had a tantrum! Continue reading “Akisms”