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Aki’s Playroom Gets a Makeover

I have posted this room’s before pictures  here. While it was not so bad then, there were a lot of things that I wish we had and did not have. For one, sometimes the room used to look like Toy Kingdom meets Payatas.

I have edited and edited and edited this room so that
1) Aki won’t get overstimulated anymore
2) Clean up will be easier for Aki and for us
3) The color motif, green and blue, would be more obvious
4) The Filipino theme would be somewhat noticeable

Without further ado, welcome to Aki’s playroom!

This room is really small. I can’t imagine putting a bed here. Maybe, Aki will sleep beside me until he is ready to move out when he is 35. Tee hee.

This is the most inviting room in the house. Literally.

Remember the fence shelf that I got from the Asiacraft Warehouse sale? I had it painted using chalkboard paint ( ordinary paint with grout). I am actually a bit disappointed with how it turned out. I thought the grout will make the color lighter. I also did not check if the paint that I bought was glossy. There was a chalkboard paint available but I opted to DIY it because the whole galloon costs 500 bucks. I only needed 1/5th of that amount. Anyhoo, the good thing is that the Aki can now draw on the sides of his toy shelf.

After the toy decluttering that I did last month, these are the only ones that I decided should stay. Some toys are in my in-laws. Some are in Aki’s 2nd playroom. The rest which are mostly age inappropriate are in the guest room.

Aki’s cutest baby onesies hang above the toy shelf.

Here are the native horsie horsies, more toys and Aki’s kiddie rocking chair with the monogram pillow that I made.

The reading nook. Earlier this week, I blogged about those cardboard bookcases .

My favorite details – our Filipino toy collection. Will blog about it as soon as I have the time.

Before you go, say hello to Aki’s shoes. I like looking at them because they remind me of how much my boy has grown.

I hope you enjoyed the room tour. It still is  a work in progress. I hoping to put some frames above the cabinet. I also want to change the onesies with something else. I also want to hang something interesting in the ceiling. Not a mobile. Maybe some eye catching lamp or maybe pom-poms.

til next time!

33 thoughts on “Aki’s Playroom Gets a Makeover

  1. Hi May I know kung saan mo nabili yung onesies na parang affliction , ganda parang rocker ang dating… thanks !

    1. Hi Momalecs! I gotthat from GoogooandGaga. They have an online store. Pacheck na lang sa google. From what I know, they discontinued that design but I am not sure

  2. Maqui, I’m so inggit!! Aki’s playroom is so nice!! I wish I can make a playroom for Anika too.

    I gotta pester Alvin for a room for Anika. Hahaha! =)

    Great job dear!!! *clap clap clap!*

  3. we want to live in Aki’s room. :o).. you’re boys are lucky to have one artistic supernova mom! teehee!

    sana ang talent mo, parang sipon. nakakahawa.. hehe

    hope to see you this sunday. muah!

  4. hi maqui! i was surprised sa dami ng shoes ni aki. i thought girls lang ang marami hehe. si kelsea din parang imelda haha. i really like the decal. where did you buy it? yung nabili ko before sa japan home store ko nabili pero konti lang designs.

    1. Hi Sis, I bought it from 2 years ago. May mga bagong decals sa favorite nating Japan Home. Have you checked? Mas malalaki at sophisticated ang designs. 🙂

  5. Haaaaanggandaaaa! Really enjoyed the tour! Sana makapag playdate sa inyo minsan! 🙂 Sis, san mo pala nabili ung wallpaper/wall decor mo (the pear tree)? I was looking for a similar wall decor pero ung parang chalkboard. Me nakita ako dati online can’t remember na 😦 Na memory lapse na naman ako. Haist. hehe.

    1. Thanks, Maia! Sige, sana maka pag playdate tayo dito in the coming days. I bought the decals from but from what i remember, out of stock na siya 2 years ago. Parang meron akong nakita sa NuDekals na chalkboard type. Meron rin nuon sa Japan Home. 🙂

  6. wow sis, super organized! i feel inspired to do something like that too, sana lang may space. hehe! how did you do the tree? are those decals? ang ganda ng effect nya sa room.

  7. Good job, Maqui! I love the decals in Aki’s room, and his rocker chair! I’m happy that your little guy has 2 play areas where he can freely play. We just re-decorated Dade’s room also and my main problem was dealing with all the toys he has. I think we need to move to a bigger flat soon. Haha!

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