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We have a few simple rules on toy buying. (Check out Maggie’s recent post on this topic here ) The number one rule is do not buy. We have two playrooms in the house (blogged about them here and here) and piles and piles of toys. If we absolutely can’t stop ourselves from buying, Franco and I buy secretly. We make sure that Aki does not see us bring the toy to the cashier. I know we are going to get busted one of these days but who cares? So far it has been working. Of the toy store trips we’ve made, we only had to deal with dramafest once. The other rule is  avoid small toys because if they don’t end up missing, they will most likely be in some place they don’t belong like inside the sofa or under my foot. Has anyone accidentally stepped on the Lego block? Ouuuch! We also avoid high tech toys. The less a toy can do, the more Aki gets to use his imagination.

Sometime last February, Franco and I agreed to break rule number one. Aki’s been crazy about dinosaurs, thanks to his first encyclopedia, and his crazy parents want to support this obsession. After Aki played with the dinosaurs on display in Toys R Us, he and his dad went out while I secretly bought 10. I only wanted to buy 3 but Franco insisted we get all. It also did not hurt that the price tag (79 per dino) was reasonable. I know ten seems a lot but I had a strong feeling that the more dinos, the more fun Aki will have. And I was so right.

The next day, we asked our first visitor, my father in law, to pretend that he has something for Aki.


This boy’s happiness really is priceless.


And so are the voice effects  and the facial expression he  makes whenever he is playing with his toys.


Aki knows the scientific name of all his dinos except for the pacephalocy-something. I can’t pronounce it either so we agreed to just call it helmet-head. Only one dino was given a nick name though.


Any guesses on what he named his favorite T-rex toy?

Baby Emily! hahaha
Right before I took this picture, Aki and I were singing Rock-a-bye Baby to Emily.


Here are some of Aki’s pictures at play:

Brachio with Red Power Range


Dinos were put on time out because they did not brush their teeth.


Racing dinos


If you have clay, you can make fossil.


Aki’s dinosaurs are also teaching him math. Aki was surprised to find out that both 6 dinos plus 2 and 7 dinos plus 1 both make 8 dinosaurs.


We have also watched the Jurrasic Park trilogy and Land Before Time numerous times.

I got so bored reading the same dino books in our library every day..


so I got him more. From Booksale of course! Aki loves the twist at the end of the Tyson the Terrible book but insists that the book is wrong.


According to the book, Tyson is a t-rex. Aki disagrees. He says and is actually right, that T-rex have only 2 fingers and have no spikes and horns. If anyone out there knows the publisher of this book, please tell the publisher that Aki wants to have a word with him.

My absolute favorite dino book is the Flashlight Dino book. Each page comes with a small flap that makes awesome dino shadows. How cool is that??


I made a dino craft project for my dino obsessed boy. Will blog about that soon

One more day to go and I will see Aki again!

11 thoughts on “Aki-saurus

  1. Wow! He memorized all dinos scientific name! Good job, Aki! 🙂

    Naloka ako sa dinos who were put on to time out. Cute! 🙂

  2. My nephew is also a dinosaur addict nowadays.. The funny thing is, when we offered to buy him the big t rex (I think it was 1,200 sa toy store), he declined and said it was “mahal”. I am simply amazed kasi alam na nya ung value ng money nowadays. 🙂

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