Sitsiritsit Salagubang

What is salagubang in English? Beetle?

Several weekends ago, Aki suddenly shouted “Patay ipis! Patay ipis! Look look!”. Upon closer inspection, we learned that it is not dead and it is not a coakroach.  It was a salagubang.

At first, Aki was scared to touch it.

I had to show him that salagubang are gentle funny creatures.

Soon, he was in love with sang-gum-bang-bang. They even went up and down the slide together.

After an hour or two, we had to say our good byes. Aki was very understanding when I told him that his friend needs to go home as it is mummy might be looking for it.  Aki was sad but he knew that even little creatures have their own homes and their own mummies.  To this day, he still misses his friend and constantly asks me,  “San na sang-gum-bangbang?”.


16 thoughts on “Sitsiritsit Salagubang

  1. Si Mike takot sa salagubang! May nakita sya sa blanket ni Lucas tapos hinampas nya yung blanket sa labas. Kawawa. When I saw one, one day, I picked it up tapos tinawag ko sya tapos I left it sa doorway. Nagalit. Hahaha!

  2. M says:

    I played with salagubang when I was younger too. Quite rude, but my cousins and I used to tie its tiny legs with strings. Hehe. Glad Aki loved his encounter with his sang-gum-bang-bang 🙂

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