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AsiaCraft Warehouse Sale Finds

Who would think that these are actually for sale? According to Kuya Job, the caretaker of the Asiacraft showroom, they are moving back the production to the province. They can’t bring all their samples so many of the items are for sale or will be disposed. 

I have been a fan of Asiacraft since 2008. Being a staunch supporter of local crafts, Asiacraft won me over. I don’t know how to describe their style so I will just let the pictures do the talking.

Aki is crazy about anything that comes in three sizes. He thinks they are Dadeh, Mameh and Aki. So these Dadeh, Mameh and Aki Christmas trees will grace the entrace of our house come November.

PhP 225 for a set of three

Manang got this cross. She will donate it to their barangay chapel.I love distressed finishes. They look so shabby chic.


And this metal trash can would be a nice addition to our green and brown bathroom downstairs. (PhP 50)

Aki loves his newest balls.

This is so Project Runway-ish, right? I wonder if it is a decoration or if the westeners who import them have a use for it.

This is so pretty. I would take this home in a heartbeat if I had a baby girl.

My favorite finds are these blue chair and fence-like shelf. They are not one of the products they export but I am so loving them. I am so loving distressed finishes. These, after some cleaning, and child-proofing would make interesting conversation items in Aki’s playroom.



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