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Painting the Weekend Red

In my desire to give Aki’s play area a unified look, we gave his beloved wooden bookshelf a mini-makeover.


Please forgive the eyesore. If you must know, it is Aki who packs away his books everyday.

I bought a small can of red paint, a couple of brushes and a bottle of thinner. I thought the sales guy was taking advantage of my lack of background in painting by pushing me to buy the thinner. Turns out, it is really important. The thinner is used to improve the spread-ability of the paint, wash the brushes and most importantly, remove the paint from our skin. If acetone is to the manikurista, thinner is to the pintor. I am getting smarter every day!


Painting the shelf was a quick fun activity that the three of us really enjoyed. We were done in 15 minutes. Franco left for his jujitsu training while Aki and I stayed behind to read our new books.When the hubby came back, it was already past 2PM and our little boy was already sleeping. Frank and I decided to paint the back side of the shelf, hoping it will be dry by the time our son wakes up. In the course of painting the shelf, Franco spilled the paint. Because we don’t like wasting, we decided to use the spilled paint and retouch the legs of Aki’s chair. Soon, we found ourselves painting the whole chair!


Obviously, this paint job was done by loving parents who are only amateurs at painting.

Here is our finish product.


It looks better from afar, don’t you agree?


We couldn’t wait for Aki to wake up. As soon as he opened his eyes, we told him that there is a Red Power Ranger chair waiting for him outside.

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Aki’s Playroom Gets a Makeover

I have posted this room’s before pictures  here. While it was not so bad then, there were a lot of things that I wish we had and did not have. For one, sometimes the room used to look like Toy Kingdom meets Payatas.

I have edited and edited and edited this room so that
1) Aki won’t get overstimulated anymore
2) Clean up will be easier for Aki and for us
3) The color motif, green and blue, would be more obvious
4) The Filipino theme would be somewhat noticeable

Without further ado, welcome to Aki’s playroom!

This room is really small. I can’t imagine putting a bed here. Maybe, Aki will sleep beside me until he is ready to move out when he is 35. Tee hee.

This is the most inviting room in the house. Literally.

Remember the fence shelf that I got from the Asiacraft Warehouse sale? I had it painted using chalkboard paint ( ordinary paint with grout). I am actually a bit disappointed with how it turned out. I thought the grout will make the color lighter. I also did not check if the paint that I bought was glossy. There was a chalkboard paint available but I opted to DIY it because the whole galloon costs 500 bucks. I only needed 1/5th of that amount. Anyhoo, the good thing is that the Aki can now draw on the sides of his toy shelf.

After the toy decluttering that I did last month, these are the only ones that I decided should stay. Some toys are in my in-laws. Some are in Aki’s 2nd playroom. The rest which are mostly age inappropriate are in the guest room.

Aki’s cutest baby onesies hang above the toy shelf.

Here are the native horsie horsies, more toys and Aki’s kiddie rocking chair with the monogram pillow that I made.

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Decluterring Series: Aki’s Toys and Books

As I have posted before, Aki’s playroom is overflowing with books, shoes, toys, toys and more toys!

 This picture from the Tao for Babies was a sign that it’s time to declutter. Not only is the playroom overstimulating, it was also unsafe because Aki tries to reach for or sometimes even climb the pile of toys in the corner. With Manang coming home to Samar, I’m sure the less fortunate kids would be happy owners of some of Aki’s toys.

These are what we are giving away.

We are keeping many other items, mostly toys for my next baby and toys that Aki can only play with years from now. These are now kept in our newest bodega, Franco’s Japanese room slash guest room slash helper’s room.

As for the books, I really can’t part with them. I love our collection! And Aki loves his books too.  I decided that I can only give out 5 books. With my sister’s permission ( she gave these to me, hand me downs from her kids), these will be donated to the Laoang daycare.

What was I thinking when I got this book? I picked this up without reading it because it was written by a namesake. And I love books written by celebrities. Turns out, this heartwarming  book is about adoption. Anyone who wants this?

And this one is the hands down worst book I have ever purchased for Aki. Baby Einstein is also one of the most boring cartoons ever for me. Why does a toddler need to learn Spanish and French translations and classical art and their painters? I hate it it so much that I can’t give it away.

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Aki’s 2nd Playroom

We decided to keep the slide inside the house. The weather will wear it out easily if we leave it in the garden. Since there is a slide inside the house, I decided to define the play area.

view from the left

This area is where the TV for the living room is supposed to be. Hubby wants to put a TV there for the longest time but I keep on resisting. If we put a TV there, I am sure  there will be big changes on how we do things in the house. Most likely our play time will be lessened because we will all be glued to the screen. Less rolling and running and more sitting and sitting.  Without a TV in the living room, we have no choice but to play, play and play. If Franco wants to watch TV, he has to go to our room, turn on the TV and adjust the old school antenna. We are not getting cable TV until a few years from now. 

Anywhoot, back to the 2nd play room. What I love about it aside from the gender neutral splash of colors, is the fact that every major piece has a frugal story behind it.

We go the slide from a Japanese thrift shop for only PhP 1700 (or was it PhP 1500?).

The sunflowers are leftover fiesta decors. They were about to be thrown in the trash when Franco had a lightbulb moment and took them home.

The large foam mats are on loan from hubby. He uses them whenever we have friends over for Brazilian jiu-jitsu training.

I made these pom poms..

and decorated the toy box. At first there was no box for his toys. I thought I’d put one so we can teach him about packing away. Well, unfortunately, no luck so far in making him clean up. Continue reading “Aki’s 2nd Playroom”

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Productive, balanced Sunday

How I wish every weekend would be just like last weekend – productive, balanced and relaxing. I was able to do the things that I wanted to do. I spent quality time with Franco, with Aki, with Franco and Aki and with myself. 

I blogged already about last Saturday. What I did not mention is that Franco and I got to watch Avatar that night, finally!

Sunday was just as great.

We started the day with a visit from our favorite neighbors Chloe and Margaux. Here is Margaux playing with the bubble making dino toy with got from Saizen.

In between watering the plants, picking flowers and stopping Aki from tearing down the towers his Ates made, I was able to trace, cut and outline animals for my storage plastic box make over project.

When Franco woke up, he brought Aki to my in laws’ house down the block. This gave me time to tape and glue the animal cut outs to the toy box. Feeling very proud of my accomplishment, I started a new one – pom poms for the second playroom. My boys came back right after I finished. Two craft projects in one morning! Naks!

It was 12:15PM already and we haven’t cooked anything yet. I promised Franco earlier that day that we will play with my bento tools for lunch. We did not have time because we were already hungry. We opened two cans of tuna, cooked it a bit and mixed in taco seasoning. We then sliced tomatoes and onions, grated some cheese and made garlic sauce using the 88 pesos garlic press from Japan Home. Lastly, we heated the tortillas that have been in the freezer for more than a month. Put them all together and what do we have? Tuna soft tacos in 10 minutes! I forgot to take pictures because we were busy eating. But here is a pic of Aki loving his toasted tortilla.

After lunch, Manang helped me hung the pom poms and the final details on the wall.

 When we were done, this is how the 2nd playroom looked like.

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Before and After: Clear Plastic Storage Box

Because Aki’s old clothes are now in the cabinet, we have three empty plastic storage boxes lying around. 

Using the animal templates that Irene gave, I drew animals on art paper. Cut the drawings and taped/glued them on the plastic box.

Here are the after photos:

Cute eh?

Total cost: PhP 7.50 for the art paper.

Thank you again, Irene, for the templates!

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Aki’s Playroom

This is my favorite part of the house.

I love the natural light that shines thru in the morning. I love seeing Aki’s face light up as soon as he sees his room. I want to think that I am not  materialistic but seeing how much stuff Aki has makes me feel so blessed and loved. Probably 75 percent of this room are gifts from people who love and care about my boy.

He has two horsie horsies

His overflowing bookshelf

His little toy kingdom. I learned from my sister and cousin and from watching Pawnstars, to keep the boxes.  Not only do boxes increase the value of the toys, boxes also allow me and Manang to neatly stack the play things.

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Local love!

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I love going to trade fairs and my house looks like a mini trade show.

Sharing some of the local accents that can be found around our house..

Christmas Tree Chair– You saw this first in this blog post . The chair is in our living room and serves as my personal library.

Painting by Imelda Cajipe Endaya – We are blessed to have an artist in the family. Tita Meps, an award winning painter and installation artist, gave us this painting for our wedding. We call it Techno Macopa.

Altar – A cross made of twigs and a rosary from Puka Beach. This rosary, we used during our wedding. Both rosary and cross sit on top of our wedding Bible which sits on top of a skinny wooden bar stool. Our altar is at the end of our stairs to remind us to whisper a short prayer before we eat breakfast in the morning, and after dinner on our way to our bedroom. Btw, the stool, the cross and the Xmas tree chair are all from AsiaCraft which happens to have a showroom just outside our village.

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