three bags full of OC-ness

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This happy yellow gadget bag by FabManila is a sanity saver. We are not really a gadget couple. We only have a point and shoot cam, mobile phones, and an external memory drive. No PSP, no DSLR. But with those that we have, organizing the cords and chargers and not to mention looking for them when they are lost, is enough to drive me OC crazy. Enter gadget bag. With 6 pockets inside, there is  space for every cord and charger. Hurray! No more searching under the bed or under the pile of dirty clothes coz everything is kept neat and tidy inside. Unless of course hubby gets lazy.


I’m lucky I live in a house  that is maaliwalas and mahangin inside. We can survive without turning on the AC but not without a fan during the day. Becase of the power crisis, I’ve decided to assemble a brownout bag so we won’t need to run around looking for things. Good for us this bag has been put to the test only once so far . And boy did it deliver! Am so proud of myself.  Some important contents of the bag: Wind-proof  candles. The bag has all sorts of candles from our wedding unity candle, 4 inch white candles from Aki’s baptism and tea light of various colors and scents. However,  it is the windproof candles that I like the most. These candles have covers so no need to worry about the wind or the curtain getting near the flame.  Matchsticks are kept inside a plastic bag so they won’t get wet. There is also a  handy emergency light (mental note: must charge) and one tiny led flashlight. If you are wondering why there is just one, that is because there is one tucked under the mattress of each room and a couple inside the most accessible cabinets in the kitchen. If brownout strikes at the midle of the night, we don’t have to kapa our way to the brownout bag. Lastly and most importantly for me esp because my son is a  sweat machine, we have these colorful hand fans. We have three , one each for me, Franky and Jane.


Aki and his Ate Janey go to lolo and lola’s house (house is # 510 and is about 100 steps away from our house) every morning and  go home in the afternoon. We have a diaper bag from Chubby Cheeks but it is too cute for everyday use. The checklist came about after Jane’s AWOL last May. Jane and I memorize this checklist by heart. However , when Jane was not around, I had to ask hubby to help out. Imagine a non-OC guy preparing a highly OC bag. I think I ended up preparing the bag myself. That is when it hit me that I need a print out of the list. I got the luggage tag  from Mishmash at Ayala MRT for only 40 bucks. Instead of filling out the info, I inserted the 510 bag checklist. Nice, pretty and OC.


5 thoughts on “three bags full of OC-ness

  1. Hi there!!!

    OMG! Im so happy to discover hindi lang pala ako ang OC!!!

    Im so ganyan din, pero me I organize the stuff using lalagyans from DIVI which are so cute! I’ll blog them soon =)

    More power to your blog! It’s so inspirational =)



  2. Ahahahaha, what can I say, am a big fan of your OC-ness Maqui! We have something similar to your 510 bag. My son goes to his grannies everyday during the week too, and Yaya always forgets one thing or another. Ang plano ko to post a checklist sa front door, in a pretty picture frame, so Yaya can check it before she heads out. (Like, dati, maloka loka ako dahil lagi niya naiiwan off lotion ni Laz!). But this luggage tag, with the list, seems like a better idea!!!

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