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Filipino Traditional Toys Collection

Here is a super delayed post. I think I need to post this first before I blog about Aki’s toompoh obsession.

Presenting… Aki’s Pinoy Toys Collection.

Unlike Benten and Power Ranger toys, these old school toys aren’t easy to find.

I got this from Dapitan Arcade

My mother-in-law bought this clay cooking set from one of the stalls in the sidera during the Tanay town fiesta last year

Manang made this sipa for Aki the night before she went home. This was her last gift to her alaga. We miss her everyday

I asked my officemate Annie to buy this wooden snake  for Aki when she went to Baguio

I bought this hay piggie  in Lucban during the Pahiyas festival back in ’04.

My in-laws bought this classic paper mache rocking horse  from the Antipolo market.  We also have a rattan horsie which we got from one of the roadside stores in Pansol, Calamba.

Native balls from AsiaCraft

Wooden Slingshots from my friend Margie and from my sister

Last year, Jollibee dolls were for sale. We bought all 5 charcters! Hetty and Twirlie are still kept inside their bags. We are reserving them for Aki’s future baby sister.

Not in the pictures

– Cebu toy guitar, miniature bahay kubo and Ifugao house that I bought from a trade fair.
– Jyl’s  coconut maracas set  that I gave her when she was still a toddler.
– A small Guyito stuff toy from my officemate. Thanks Jops!

What I am looking for

– The fluffy puppets from Luneta
– A bigger Guyito stuff toy. Calling Inquirer!
– A miniature vinta boat. Ahem, Chamimay, ahem. 😛
– Sungka
– Nose flute and other indigenous musical instruments
– Pictures of kids playing tradition Pinoy games like tumbang preso, luksong baka and luksong tinik

Anything else that I am missing?

All pictures were taken by Jan of Labski Fotografi who took our family portraits last year. The reason why it took me 6 months to post this is because I was so lazy to resize. Aside from Facebook, are there other sites for resizing photos? Facebook is great but it takes at least 4 clicks to resize and save pictures.

14 thoughts on “Filipino Traditional Toys Collection

  1. One question… Where can I get a jollybee for my daughter.. her dad is from the Philippine and Im swiss. I found jollybee o you tube and total love the show.. could you please tell me where I can get one for my daughter. .thank you

  2. Hi Maqui! 🙂 Im Sab! I work for TV5 and Im doing a research on people who collect interesting stuff… happen to stumble upon your site. Can I have your email address or contact details so I could reach you. Thank you! Cool toys, by the way 🙂

    1. hi sab! thanks for dropping by. it is maquifranky at yahoo dot com dot ph 🙂 you can also reach me thru the contact page. please type in your email add so I can reply to you

  3. i love Aki’s native toys! my favorite is the rocking horse na gusto yatang iuwi ni Dade when we had our playdate, haha!

    1. Gracie! Long time no hear!
      I am glad that you are having me time. Are you coming home this May? Kisses to Dade and Lexie

  4. I love Oinky and the horsey horsey! I hope to find one of those, too 🙂

    Try downloading Lightroom, it’ll only take a few minutes.
    What I love about this editing software is that is has been a big help for me in resizing pictures in BATCHES. How’s that? 🙂

  5. Hi Maqui, try using Pix Sizer, one click all pix are resized and saved as new files.
    kakatuwa how you try to really preserve Filipino culture kay Aki… 🙂 by the way, saranggola din add mo.. i want Liam to learn that, pero di ko alam who from my family knows. hehehe.. bahala na later pag laki nya.. 🙂
    Yoyo ba filipino toy?? Liam loved this kasi during his first birhtday party, kainis nga kasi nawala ko ung yoyo na bigay ng yoyo master, ang gulo gulo kasi ng mundo ko nun. hehehe

    1. Hi Juvs! I will research on Pix sizer this weekend. Thnks for the tip ha!
      Am not sure about the kite. It is an old school toy pero feeling ko hindi siya Filipino toy.
      But the yoyo, tama ka! Pinoy nag invent nyan. I just need to find something that is not made of plastic or does not look made in China

    1. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease, Chamimay!
      PM mo na lang sakin kung how much plus the shipping cost. Or if may plan kayo pumunta sa Manila, playdate tayo!

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