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Meet Mong-ki

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… Aki’s baby bwatha  and the latest addition to Familia Kiki. I’ve been on a search for Aki’s very first piggy bank and I just could not be happier that what we found was monkey (when I was a kid, i was teased Maqui Monkey) ! I bought Mong-ki for a  just 75 pesos at the 7th Agraryo Trade Fair last Saturday.

I miss going to trade fairs! Even before nationalism became cool these past couple of years, I was (and still am) already  a big supporter of locally made products especially if they are made by SME’s. I’d always drag Franco to Megatrade to check out the latest fairs. And when my favorites,  Bicol and Region3 trade fairs are in town, I’d leave work early and troop to Megamall to catch the first day. I think my house looks like a mini trade fair. Hehe

Hay.. gone are those days when I had money to burn. I’d go home with two or three big bags sometimes even boxes , half of which I don’t really need. The very nice manongs would help my carry my loot  to the taxi stand.  Sadly, I hardly go to trade fairs anymore. One is because I know I already have most of the things I need. With the never ending saga of  major expenses since the start of this year (appliances, light bulbs, small furnishings, van repair, gate, landscaping, van repair again and now grills), I just can’t go home with another bag or another set of placemats. I always end up forgetting the time whenever I’m in a trade fair. And time spent shopping in a trade fair is precious time with my baby lost.

Here is a rundown of the items that I bought at the Agraryo Trade Fair

Malunggay Polvoron for just 5 pesos each

Carrot Cookies for only 20 bucks

Cavendish Banana for 15 per kilo or 1 peso each (look at the size of the free banana that they gave me! I know what you are thinking!)

Mango Vinegar for my salads. Only 30 pesos per bottle

Seaweeds Instant Noodles for 17 pesos per bowl

Muscovado Sugar. 500 grams for only 25 pesos

Veggie Noodles for just 5 pesos per pack

5 thoughts on “Meet Mong-ki

  1. Eee! Cute ni Mong-ki!!! I enjoy trade fairs too! May mga pangarap ako to, say, replace our snacks at home with all these locally made products – but of course I never get around to actually doing it! Pero kakaaliw to browse ever, noh??? And how do you find out when and where these Agraryo Trade Fairs are, Maqui?? Ibalita mo sa blog mo next time you hear of one ha! Thankeeeeeee

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