(Not Really a )Book Review: Little Gorilla

Little Gorilla

Story and Pictures by Ruth Bornstein

Once there was a gorilla and everybody loved him.

His mother loved him.

His father loved him.

His grandma and grand pa, and his aunts and uncles loved him.

Even when he was only one day old, everybody loved Little Gorilla.

Pink Butterfly flying through the forest,

Green Parrot in his tree,

and Red Monkey in her tree,

all loved Little Gorilla.

Even Big Boa Constrictor thought

Little Gorilla was nice

Giraffe, walking tall through the forest,

was there when Little Gorilla needed him.

Young Elephant, and Old Elephant too, came to see him.

Lion roared his loudest roar for him.

Even Old Hippo took him wherever he wanted to go,

because she loved Little Gorilla.

Just about everybody in the great green forest loved Little Gorilla!

Then one day something happened…



Little Gorilla began to grow

and Grow

and Grow

and Grow

And one day,

Little Gorilla was BIG!

And everybody came

and everybody sang

“Happy Birthday, Little Gorilla!”

And everybody still loved Little Gorilla.


This is the most read book in the house. When Aki was sick with Roseola last summer, we read this book, 7 times in row in one sitting. I find the rhythmical text very calming.  I love how the pictures are not cutesy. The book also portrays the snake and the lion as kind and loving. Most of all, I love this book because it speaks about the constancy and abundance of love.

Happy happy birthday to my little gorilla, Akira, who is turning two on Wednesday!


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