DIY Monogram Pillow

This is my most recent project for Aki’s playroom.

First, make a pattern. I also made the pillow case but you can also use store bought ones. I think solid colored cases will pair nicely with printed letters.

Now, trace the pattern over felt cloth and cut. Felt is a great fabric because it does not fray.


Using safety pins or any sewing pins, put the letter in place.

Sew using backstitch. It might also be nice to use a thread in a contrasting color. That was my original plan. In fact I have a yarn in navy blue.  I opted for a light blue thread because I am not so confident with my embroidery skills.

Sew sew sew and you are done!


3 thoughts on “DIY Monogram Pillow

    • Cai, you can buy them at the craft area of SM department store. In SM megamall, it is inside the store. in SM Makati, it is beside the surplus shop. Quite expensive though. think 60 bucks for a piece that is a little bigger than my pillow case. Meron din sa Carolina’s. !80 per yard. I heard in Divi it is 100 per yard

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