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Aki’s 2nd Playroom

We decided to keep the slide inside the house. The weather will wear it out easily if we leave it in the garden. Since there is a slide inside the house, I decided to define the play area.

view from the left

This area is where the TV for the living room is supposed to be. Hubby wants to put a TV there for the longest time but I keep on resisting. If we put a TV there, I am sure  there will be big changes on how we do things in the house. Most likely our play time will be lessened because we will all be glued to the screen. Less rolling and running and more sitting and sitting.  Without a TV in the living room, we have no choice but to play, play and play. If Franco wants to watch TV, he has to go to our room, turn on the TV and adjust the old school antenna. We are not getting cable TV until a few years from now. 

Anywhoot, back to the 2nd play room. What I love about it aside from the gender neutral splash of colors, is the fact that every major piece has a frugal story behind it.

We go the slide from a Japanese thrift shop for only PhP 1700 (or was it PhP 1500?).

The sunflowers are leftover fiesta decors. They were about to be thrown in the trash when Franco had a lightbulb moment and took them home.

The large foam mats are on loan from hubby. He uses them whenever we have friends over for Brazilian jiu-jitsu training.

I made these pom poms..

and decorated the toy box. At first there was no box for his toys. I thought I’d put one so we can teach him about packing away. Well, unfortunately, no luck so far in making him clean up.

This is our activity corner. I got the customized study table from my ex-director’s garage sale. There is Niki and Aki’s beloved boots

Our reading area. Aki is so cute when he sits on the chair. He always insists that one of the three stuffed toys sits with him and pretends to be reading to them. Sometimes, Aki sits on the toys, all three of them and still thinks that they are comfortably listening to his stories. When he reads, you will see him clapping, pointing and trying to make eye contact with his dolls.Funny boy! The yellow chair is a prize from Momstoday.  The old cigar box that I got from my lola’s house seems out of place but I like that it adds character since it is from the 70’s.

A couple of stuff that describes Aki are on display. I got the hangers for 6 pieces for 100 pesos from a bangketa vendor. The vendor was walking along Shaw and was ahead of me. He said he will get caught if he stops so we were walking, him on street, me on the sidewalk, thru out the transaction. Nakatawad pa ako ng isang hanger

I drew the flowers. Aki did the stems and the shading.

South N@wies, our house is playdate-ready!

15 thoughts on “Aki’s 2nd Playroom

        1. Yihee! Excited na ako! I was hoping you would go home for his birthday pero kaya ko pa pigilan ang excitement ko until December! See you! so looking forward to meeting you.
          I usually try to bake whenever we have first time visitors but for your case bibili na lang ako ng sweets. Nakakahiya naman kay Ryan kapag di masarap

  1. nice playroom! how many sheets of japanese paper did u use for the pompoms? I tried making one but too thick. kaya fail!

  2. Hi Maqui, love Aki’s 2nd playroom! I wish I can also transform one area in our house to become Ronan’s play area. Btw, where did you get the large foam mats?

    1. Hi Kat!
      We borrowed my husbnd’s mats. You can get the big ones in most hardwares. they are a bit expensive though. i am not sure if its 300 or 900 per piece. these are the same mats used in martial arts classes and competitions.

  3. And Oh! Buti kpa sinwerte sa slide. We’ve been looking everywhere, haven’t found any yet na swak sa budget. hehehe.

    1. Super tipid and very very few pieces lang din ang gamit namin when we were still renting. You should delay getting stuff until you have your own place para mas masaya mag decorate. 🙂
      uy,if ever you will be in the bicutan area, maybe we can have a playdate. Aki does not have friends in the village who are of the same age kaya i am very excited to have friends’ toddlers to come over for a playdate. 🙂

      1. Sure, playdate it is. I’ll let you know if ever we’ll be in the area. I’m sure these kids will have a blast. Oh! did i just say kids? parang kelan lng they were babies 🙂

  4. Wow! So cute!

    How I wish we also have a home like yours 🙂 We live in a tiny apartment and it may take us years before we can own a house 😦 Also, we try to keep everything at a minimum in case matuloy kmi umalis. huhuhu.

    I love how you put together your ideas and come up with a beautiful result. Keep it up.
    I love your blog! More entries to come please 🙂

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