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PART II: The Start of the End of Carefully Planned Birthday Parties

Part I 

A not so quick run through of what we did after Aki’s birthday celebration.

We stayed in MCS, the best non-mall in the whole wide Metro Manila, while waiting for Aki’s class to end. We were expecting to eat left over pizza but no, Aki’s classmates ate everything we brought. Our late lunch was at Tita Em’s, our favorite Japanese turo-turo. Then off to Booksale we went. I was able to buy several brand-new Christmas gift-able books. At 3PM, we were supposed to have a massage with our favorite blind therapists but the queue was so long! Quite surprising actually since it was a weekday afternoon. To forget my disappointment, I visited my newest discovery, an ukay-ukay store for kids and tweens. I was able to score 2 Bossini pants for Aki. Only 40 pesosesoses each! Continue reading “PART II: The Start of the End of Carefully Planned Birthday Parties”

The Gift of An Ordinary Day

Our Favorite August Fridate

Hooooray for Friday, our third favorite day of the week!


On Franco’s birthday last month, we took a leave from work. I wanted to check out the Books for Less warehouse sale. Check out my post here. Franco renewed his license. We left early, around 6AM so we can avoid the usual morning traffic.

I had the most wonderful time at the warehouse sale with my friend Rachel. Even though my hands were vulcanizing-level dirty and my stomach was complaining of extreme hunger, I left feeling satisfied …. and hungry. Continue reading “Our Favorite August Fridate”

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Mr. and Mrs. Kuripot’s Date Night

I hardly have posts related to my social life and quality time with my husband because I really don’t have anything to blog about. I rarely get to meet up with non-office friends. I don’t mind that. However, couple time with my husband, I do miss. He works on the night shift so on weekdays, we get to see each other for about 15-30 minutes only. The good thing about that is after 8 years of being together, I still am excited to see him.

Recently, Franco and I made a deal that once a month, we will file a leave on the same day and go out on a date. There is nothing fancy or extraordinary about our date nights but I would like to document what a typical date is like. When we grow old, I would like to look back at how the small things made our relationship stronger and exciting.

Would you believe I haven’t stepped inside Rockwell Mall? I lived in Makati from 2004 to 2009. In those five years, my favorite malls were Makati Cinema Square and Waltermart. Those are still my favorite and Franco’s too. We tried to go down the memory lane and visited both malls last Friday. We ate in the same shawarma stall that we loved as boyfriend-girlfriend.

We had a quick trip to the grocery to buy 2 dozens of our favorite hotdogs and garlic longganizas. Promise, the cheezy franks in Waltermart are the best!! I think the brand is Mother’s Best or Earth’s Best. It is in the buy per piece section.

We also hoarded on our current favorite sweet treats – strawberry chocolate chips from Meiji. I initially just got two packs but dear hubby insisted that we get more since Aki and Chloe and Margaux like the chocolates too. I shamed my husband by asking him to pose for  photo as the cashier was pretending not to laugh. He obliged and that is why I love him.

We went to Japan Home where I got two vety cute pancake pans. Will blog about them shortly.

Then to MCS we went. A trip to MCS is never complete without shopping for deebidees at the basement and for second hand books and back issue magazines in our favorite branch of Booksale. These kids would agree that the MCS Booksale branch is very conducive for reading. We went home with 7 books for Aki and one magazine each for us

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I Heart Waltermart!

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Because I  stained my dress, a pair of  shorts, our bed sheets, ever dependable hubby agreed to an impromptu grocery at Waltermart Makati. When I was still a single working girl, I stayed in a rented apartment in Washington, which is just a short 5 minute jeepney ride away from Walter.

The very first item I bought were these green liquid hand wash refill at Watson’s. I have been looking for an affordable  handwash for about a month now. I bought ours for about 70 bucks, liquid, bottle and pump included, at SM. SM refill retails at 60 bucks. Unacceptable! Watson’s buy-one-for-69-get-the-second-pack-for-one-peso promo was perfect for my wallet!

Then we went to the waltermart grocery to buy myself some modess packs, and our favorite cheesy franks from Mother’s Best. Cross my heart, swear to die. Their cheesy franks really are really one of the juiciest, cheesiest and yummiest hotdogs in the whole wide Makati. There was also an ongoing promo for ground pork and beef. For just 99 per kilo, who can resist?! In our neighborhood talipapa here in Better Living, ground pork sells for 160 per kg.

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