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Makati Cinema Square: What To Do and Where to Eat

Good morning!

Makati Cinema Square or MCS is our thrifty family’s official weekend tambayan. Aside from the numerous dibidi stores, there are other attractions worth checking.

Booksale. This is on top of my list. The Booksale branch in MCS is the biggest of all branches that I visited. We love this branch so much we had a photoshoot there last year.

Kodanda, Archery Range. Read more about it here.


It takes me more than an hour to scour through the children’s books and home magazines in Booksale. Franco on the other hand, needs only 15 minutes to check out the martial arts magazines and the Marvel comic books. Instead of waiting for me, the boys go to the 3rd floor and people-watch at the Makati Cinema Arena


If you like collectible toys and arcade games, MCS also has something for you.


Now if all that makes you tired, why not try the massage chairs just outside Booksale?  Only PhP20 for 5 minutes.


When Franco and I feel like splurging, like last Friday when we celebrated our 10th anniversary together, we go to Balikatan Therapeutic Massage for a quick but relaxing PhP 80 15-minute massage. Note: This place is nothing like The Spa. The blind but kinda chatty masseuses are really good.


One thing that Franco has been bugging me to try is the firing range. I want to but I just find the fees (800 bucks) too steep.


And if you want to go to MCS for the food trip, here are my recommendations.


If you want to eat in a resto with waiters, try Grillicious. We love their wanton soup. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures.


If you want Thai cuisine, there’s a Sen Lek stall near the dibidi booths. The  Thai milk tea is only 30 bucks.

For snacks, we always have Dunkin Donut munchkins and takoyaki balls. They go well with soy milk which we buy near the elevator.




Our latest food discovery is Tita Emm’s. They sell affordable Japanese food, turo-turo style.  Orders only cost PhP60, PhP70 if you want it with rice.   We love chatting with the Japanese owner who even taught Aki  some Japanese words.


Just in case you are wondering, the restrooms in MCS are clean. You have to pay PhP5 but it is worth it.


If you see us in MCS, say hi, okay? 🙂




13 thoughts on “Makati Cinema Square: What To Do and Where to Eat

    1. Richelle, just take a PRC or Washington or Ayala jeep when you get off the MAgallanes station. If you are not looking for high end, okay siya. 🙂

  1. It’s far from where I live, but if ever I’m going to Makati one of these days, I’ll ask the hubby to go there for that cheap Japanese and Thai food and of course, Booksale! 🙂

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