The Gift of An Ordinary Day

Our Favorite August Fridate

Hooooray for Friday, our third favorite day of the week!


On Franco’s birthday last month, we took a leave from work. I wanted to check out the Books for Less warehouse sale. Check out my post here. Franco renewed his license. We left early, around 6AM so we can avoid the usual morning traffic.

I had the most wonderful time at the warehouse sale with my friend Rachel. Even though my hands were vulcanizing-level dirty and my stomach was complaining of extreme hunger, I left feeling satisfied …. and hungry.


On my way back to Makati, I asked Franco to get me my then-favorite Sbarro zitti and cucumber-lemon juice. Finally at 1PM, I was about to attack my first meal of the day when we realized that we didn’t have any utensils. No utensils, no problem! I lived in a dorm for 4 years and know about every trick in the book on how to avoid having dirty dishes and utensils to clean.


My arms and shoulders  were aching because of the books that I had to carry. Thankfully, there are blind massage therapist in MCS. No MCS trip is complete without us spending 15 minutes of heaven there.  Only 80 pesos!!


You know you are a true blue book hunter if you can’t resist going to Booksale even if you just bought 40+ books that morning. And look at these top 100 books that I found in Booksale that day. I have all these already so with a heavy heart, I put them back on the rack. I did find 3 Babette Cole books though.


By 3:30, we left and went to Aki’s school. He just finished his first periodical exam week. We wanted to give the little boy (and ourselves) a treat for studying hard for the tests. It is always a joy when we pick him up especially when he does know we’re coming. The surprised reaction in his face when he sees us is something I have been trying to document. It is chaos at the gates, I tell ya. And Franco can’t seem to control himself from calling Aki from afar.


Anyhoot, we watched Guardians o the Galaxy. When I saw the trailer last year, I thought  a talking raccoon is so un-Marvel-like. To my surprise, we enjoyed every bit of the movie and can’t wait for part II.


Dinner was shawarma and siomai at the food court. While we were taking this picture, Aki tugged my shirt and said, “Sali ako!!!”





Earlier that week, a friend posted in FB that he google-d Waltermart Makati and was surprised to find this







Happy weekend!!!


3 thoughts on “Our Favorite August Fridate

  1. Ohhh, those books! Since I found your site I’ve been going to booksale to complete the 100 childrens books. Which branch can I find these books? Thanks!

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