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I Heart Waltermart!

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Because I  stained my dress, a pair of  shorts, our bed sheets, ever dependable hubby agreed to an impromptu grocery at Waltermart Makati. When I was still a single working girl, I stayed in a rented apartment in Washington, which is just a short 5 minute jeepney ride away from Walter.

The very first item I bought were these green liquid hand wash refill at Watson’s. I have been looking for an affordable  handwash for about a month now. I bought ours for about 70 bucks, liquid, bottle and pump included, at SM. SM refill retails at 60 bucks. Unacceptable! Watson’s buy-one-for-69-get-the-second-pack-for-one-peso promo was perfect for my wallet!

Then we went to the waltermart grocery to buy myself some modess packs, and our favorite cheesy franks from Mother’s Best. Cross my heart, swear to die. Their cheesy franks really are really one of the juiciest, cheesiest and yummiest hotdogs in the whole wide Makati. There was also an ongoing promo for ground pork and beef. For just 99 per kilo, who can resist?! In our neighborhood talipapa here in Better Living, ground pork sells for 160 per kg.

And just when I thought my day could not any better, the cashier told me to go to the customer service desk to redeem my prize. As I posted a couple of times in this blog, the word prize is music to my ears. We got a complimentary movie pass for buying modess pads! Woot woot! Special thanks to my ovaries.  The last time I saw a movie was back in 2008 (or was that in 2007). The movie was Dark Knight. Because we were saving up for a nice wedding, our own house, and a bulldozer later named Akira, we’ve been settling for watching movies at home.

A trip to Waltermart is never complete without a quick visit to Makati Cinema Square, known to most as plain MCS. DVD’s for Franco, second handbooks for me.  I have been to a lot of booksale stores and I can safely say that the one in MCS is the best. We have bought a lot of books on wedding preparation, pregnancy, childcare and now children’s books there. I also appreciate that they put the price tag on the back cover because removing the tags is sometimes difficult. Depending on the material of the cover, those sticky tags can ruin the book. After 30 minutes of browsing, I went home with a baby book, a hilarious book about learning how to walk, how much I love you book and a book on sign languages for my niece. All for 350 bucks. Weeeeh-nner! I told myself when I was still preggers that I won’t get a baby book because there would be too many things to document. Limiting myself to the pages of a baby book would be a shame. Well, I take that back. For just 130 bucks for a brand new book, I just had to take it home. I will just trace Aki’s first foot and handprint on a parchment paper and paste it.

After hearing mass at Don Bosco, we went back to Walter to watch the movie.  We chose Toy Story 3 because of the raves hat we have been hearing from friends. It really is a great movie with a great ending. Can’t wait to watch it with Aki when he gets older. Did I mention that the  cashier that lady at the hotdog booth gave us a free parking pass?

We heart you Waltermart! Mwaah mwaah!

7 thoughts on “I Heart Waltermart!

  1. Hi Maqui!

    Ako din I lover Waltermart (pero yung dito sa amin sa North EDSA). Ang daming freebies sa supermarket. Tsaka may booksale and Daiso pa so winner talaga! Hahaha!

    Pero I’ll also try Puregold delivery. Hahaha! Thanks Sieggy!

    Maqui, alam ko na UP Dil ka pero hindi ko alam na La Salle pala si hubby mo. La Salle kasi si Bernard. And guess what, December 18 din ang anniversary namin! LOL!



    1. Thanks for dropping by, Clarice! Winner talaga ang Walter, sana magkaroon din dito sa Pque para di na kami dumadayo.
      Did I say Dec 18 ang anniv namin? Bwahahaha. amnesia nanaman. It is actually Dec 19. see you in N@W!

  2. hey maqui! i heart waltermart too! we used to do grocery shopping there lalo na free parking, hubby is such a sucker for free parkings eh, haha. right now kasi we are having our groceries delivered from puregold. pero miss ko pa din ang walter mart. 😦 besides, sophie’s milk is cheaper at walter compared to puregold.

    we were there yesterday eh, mga 11-ish. asar lang si hubby talaga ngayun because di pa din namen ma redeem yung points sa plus card kasi until now, they have yet to send our card, tempo lang yung binigay samen. 😦

    mura din diapers and wipes sa walter, lagi may promo. 🙂

    1. sa hubby ko rin major issue ang parking. di pa rin siya makaget over sa 800 plus parking fee namin when I gave birth at tmc. haha!
      i didnt know the puregold delivers pala. thanks for sharing! So how do you shop? online or do you call them?

      1. i just email them the list. everything wet to dry! no hassle, tipid sa gas and parking. you need to coordinate with the nearest puregold from your place. they have mobile terminal as well, so credit card payment is accepted. 🙂

        i was lol-ing with your tmc parkng experience. si hubby ko naman kuripot lang talaga. haha.

        1. Winner ang puregold! I have to try tht one of these days. The closest puro gold is about 30 minutes away pero their building a new one na 10 minutes from our house lang. Thanks so much sieggy for sharing!

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