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PART II: The Start of the End of Carefully Planned Birthday Parties

Part I 

A not so quick run through of what we did after Aki’s birthday celebration.

We stayed in MCS, the best non-mall in the whole wide Metro Manila, while waiting for Aki’s class to end. We were expecting to eat left over pizza but no, Aki’s classmates ate everything we brought. Our late lunch was at Tita Em’s, our favorite Japanese turo-turo. Then off to Booksale we went. I was able to buy several brand-new Christmas gift-able books. At 3PM, we were supposed to have a massage with our favorite blind therapists but the queue was so long! Quite surprising actually since it was a weekday afternoon. To forget my disappointment, I visited my newest discovery, an ukay-ukay store for kids and tweens. I was able to score 2 Bossini pants for Aki. Only 40 pesosesoses each!

Chaos at the exit gates!


Surprise! We are here to pick you up!

cats6 catsh

The boys wanted to play in Timezone but my feet were begging for a massage. After 5 million games in 2 years, arcades don’t excite me as much as they used to. But that is not the case for the two boys. If there were a Timezone Hotel, they be the first to book a staycation.


While they were playing, I brought my tired feet and legs to David’s. Saraaaap! PS I feel so sad for Jackie Foster! I also went to Lay Bare and did some window shopping in Japan Home. MCS-Waltermat truly is the place to be!


When I went back the boys were still playing and by then had fans. Aki won 1000 tickets at the wheel of fortune game. I told them I will buy my dinner from the grocery’s salad bar. I have been wanting to try this because they have a lot of options for the dressing. I also managed to grab a couple of staples for my South Beach diet including sugar-free Jell-O. It is so yummy. You won’t even think that you are in a diet.

While waiting for my turn at the counter, I called Franco on the phone to get money from me so they can buy food. The very nice gentleman in front of me, heard the conversation and offered to let me go ahead. Don’t you just love super nice strangers? Before rushing to my hungry powergamers, I bought a Cadbury bar and gave it to Sir.God bless you! I hope I’d have the same opportunity to do something nice to someone I don’t know.

Anyhoot, dinner was at the food court. Salad for me. Shawarma for Franco and mamon for Aki.


By this time, I was itching to get home but Franco warned that we need to pass time to avoid the Friday night traffic. What else to do but go back to Timezone. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

We decided to claim the fruit of our almost 2 year labor. Friends, we are now the proud owners of this 2 layer electric steamer. We are living proof that with hardwork, dedication and strategy, you can reach your dream. Bwahahahaha.



I was in the massage chair browsing thru the pictures of the party when the two won another 10000 tickets!


What a lucky night. We should have went to Resorts World instead.

And that’s when we called it a night. What a tiring but memorable Fridate it was!

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