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Party Firsts!

Last Father’s day weekend, we were invited to back-to-back birthday parties. For someone who loves organizing parties, we don’t get invited often to celebrations for kid’s birthdays. Most of my friends are still are still single. For my family, we like to keep celebrations simple. The first and the seventh are the only birthdays where we go all out on the celebration.

Anyhoo, what I love about the parties that we attended is that the birthday parents allowed Aki to join the games.

Here is Aki on his very first pukpok palayok experience.

He did hit the clay pot but he was not strong enough to break it.  Nonetheless, he was so proud of himself and could not stop smiling that night.

Here is Aki under the pabitin. This was his second time as he participated in the pabitin games the day before. Seeing how crazy the older kids can get, I positioned myself so I can protect him and so I can get him a nice toy. Hahaha.

What I learned from these two parties is that kids go gaga over these traditional games. They get so crazy that it can be a bit dangerous. In the pabitin, I saw three kids, one of them on the floor already, fighting over a toy. Well, umm, they really were not fighting. They were just holding on to the rocket for more than a minute until the parents intervene. It is also not a good idea for parents to carry their smaller kids during the pabitin game which was what Franco did on the first party. When the kids got hold of the pabitin, it hit Aki’s head. Aki was hurt but he did not cry because he was so happy with his new toy.  During the pukpok palayok, where blindfolded kids have to hit a claypot filled with coins, candies and powder, kids run for the loot without checking if all the clay debris are already on the floor. Several times,  I got scared because the still-hanging, broken claypot might hit the kids’ heads. I wish there was a way to childproof these party games.

Speaking of party, Aki’s birthday is 3 months away. I have had this theme in mind but I have not done anything yet. Yikes. Since we are having a celebration in school, I am thinking, that one will have a theme and the one we will have at home will be a simple gathering. Haaay, party mojo, please come back now!!

I asked Aki for ideas for the party theme. Here are his suggestions:

Counting Party

Trumpo Party

Soccerball Party

Saturday Party

Green Party

Hahaha!  What little details can I incorporate in a Saturday themed party?

14 thoughts on “Party Firsts!

  1. ang naisip ko sa Saturday party, parang holiday, laid-back na style, kasi weekend, hehehe.. 🙂 Buti pa si Aki nakakaisip na ng ideas. Si Ryken kasi pinapapili ko kung gusto ba nya ng tiger (zoo) o Jollibee o penguin (Ocean Park), paiba-iba ang sagot. 🙂 We will also have a mini-celebration in daycare. sarap mag-plan ng parties no? 🙂

  2. makikigaya ako sa concept mo hahaha. di ko alam kung ano din theme for maia’s school party. but i really wanted loot bags that are out of the ordinary. ung food no-brainer naman kasi kids lang papakainin. wehe.

      1. no theme yet sis. but as always, i wanted to stay on the eco-friendly side. so it’s probably going to evolve around that. (altho thanks to disney the kid is requesting for a mickey mouse cake. might do that at home na lang)

  3. Hi,

    I enjoy reading your blog and this is my first time to comment.

    About the palayok, I’d suggest using a cardboard pinata instead of the clay pot so you can have a game similar to “pukpok palayok.” As long as a child hits/taps the pinata, you can rig the trap door to open by pulling a string you control. The candies/prizes will fall down without any other type of debris to worry about. It’s what I did for my nieces and nephew’s parties. I was able to re-use the same pinata several times.

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