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Last Saturday, July 7, Aki wrote his name on his own for the first time!

I was going thru my old magazines, looking for recipes. Aki was doodling  in his study table. He kept saying A-K-I Aki, which he says all the time. Then he said, “Mommy, look, A!”. I went closer and saw a letter A. I was so surprised because his letter A often looks like a letter H. I asked him if he can write his name. He said “I first”, meaning letter I goes next. I said, “No, A-K-I, remember?”.  He wrote a letter I and made it into a K.  And then finished his name with a letter I.  I was the proudest mommy! I have not seem him try to write letter K before. Also, in the last couple of months, he seemed to have lost interest in doodling. Imagine my surprise to see him write his name after not seeing him hold a crayon for a long time. Good job, bunny baby! Mega special thanks to Teacher Aika and Teacher  Julie!

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Party Firsts!

Last Father’s day weekend, we were invited to back-to-back birthday parties. For someone who loves organizing parties, we don’t get invited often to celebrations for kid’s birthdays. Most of my friends are still are still single. For my family, we like to keep celebrations simple. The first and the seventh are the only birthdays where we go all out on the celebration.

Anyhoo, what I love about the parties that we attended is that the birthday parents allowed Aki to join the games.

Here is Aki on his very first pukpok palayok experience.

He did hit the clay pot but he was not strong enough to break it.  Nonetheless, he was so proud of himself and could not stop smiling that night.

Here is Aki under the pabitin. This was his second time as he participated in the pabitin games the day before. Seeing how crazy the older kids can get, I positioned myself so I can protect him and so I can get him a nice toy. Hahaha.

What I learned from these two parties is that kids go gaga over these traditional games. They get so crazy that it can be a bit dangerous. In the pabitin, I saw three kids, one of them on the floor already, fighting over a toy. Well, umm, they really were not fighting. They were just holding on to the rocket for more than a minute until the parents intervene. It is also not a good idea for parents to carry their smaller kids during the pabitin game which was what Franco did on the first party. When the kids got hold of the pabitin, it hit Aki’s head. Aki was hurt but he did not cry because he was so happy with his new toy.  Continue reading “Party Firsts!”

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Aki’s First Day in Summer School

This is the part two of my post on Aki’s first day in school. See here for the first post.

Since the start of the year, he has been very excited to go to school.  Here is a sample Q&A with him

Me – Aki, san ka papasok?  (Aki, where are you going?)
Aki – Chul! (School!)
Me – Anong meron sa school? (What will you see in school?)
Aki (with matching hand gestures) – Mami fends (madaming friends/lots of friends)
Me – Anong gagawin mo sa school? ( What will you do in school?)
Aki – La’-tz time! (lunch time)
Me – Anong gusto mong baon? (What packed snacks would you like to have?)
Aki – Luh-jhaw egg (lugaw with egg/ rice porridge with egg)
Me – Anong sasabihin mo kay Teacher? (What will you say to Teacher?)
Aki – No-ning!  (Morning!)

I think reading the book Where is Bunny’s Mommy really psyched him for school. The book is about what Bunny’s activities in school/daycare and his mommy’s activities at work. I bought it because it is one of the few books that I encoutered about a working mommy. I highly recommend the book. The book introduced Aki to the idea of lunch time, having friends in school, playing in school and patiently waiting for Mummy to arrive from work.

What I think also helped is the Disney Jr show, Upin and Ipin. I am a fan! I wish we have a similar show that showcases our culture.  I love the series so much that I tried to watch the 3-part Mother’s day episode in Bahasa Malay in Youtube! Did you know that Upin and Ipin’s mom already passed away? I still have to research where is the boys’ dad. Anyhoo, U & I are five-year olds who go to school. Aki’s interest in going to school was further reinforced by watching the show. 

As expected, Aki’s first day in school was drama-free. Some of his classmates were crying. Some were clinging to their parents. But my Aki, as soon as he saw a fellow kid, ran off to the free play area without saying goodbye to us.

This is the free play area. There is an area for reading, for pretend kitchen, sitdown activities and for active play.

Aki was immediately at ease. He proudly showed off his clay creations to his classmates and their adult companions.

When another classmate sat on his chair, he just happily continued playing with the homemade clay, standing up.

One of the teachers had to ask me what his real name is because everytime they ask him his name, his standard answer was Benten! With matching closed fist pumped into air.

He waited for his turn for the toy car but when he was about to sit on it, a more persistent classmate took the car from him. Aki kept saying My turn! My turn! but later on found that it was also fun to push the car.

When Teacher Tina announced that they will go to the classroom in five minutes, Aki dropped the toys and ran for the classroom. We had to tell him to wait for Teacher to call them again. So when Teacher Tina, asked the kids to go to the red line, Aki was there first.  When Teacher Tina asked the kids’ help in  counting how many classmates were there in the line, Aki counted the loudest. So so sooooo proud!

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First Day of School Traditions

I have 20 million things that I want to blog about. All those have to wait because today, I want to blog about the monumental day that is April 17, 2o12. Yesterday was my not-so-little boy’s first day in school! Because I am a sentimental mom, I tried to start first-day-of-school traditions.

1. New Haircut. I wanted to cut Aki’s hair myself again but the last cut, which was Bruce Lee inspired was semi-disastrous. We went to Kuya Doods, Aki’s barber since he turned one, to trim my son’s hair.

2. A Picure with the first-day-of-school sign. As you can see, yesterday did not start great. Aki always wakes up on the right side of the bed. Out of the 30 days in a month, he wakes up smiling and ready to spread the sunshine in 29 days. Yesterday, of all the days, was that odd day when Aki woke up cranky and crying. I already pre-picked his outfit but he instead on wearing his El Salvador football jersey.

After his two part breakfast, he was back to his old jolly self.

3. First-day-of-school cupcakes. Because I knew that I would not have time to bake, I just bought a mamon and put instant icing and sprinkles. Aside from the mamon, Aki ate egg with rice and a cup of yogurt.

Aki was already dressed for school when he announced that he wanted to eat yogurt and his pah-cake, so we had him take off his clothes again.

4. Homemade cookies. I want Aki to look back at his first days in school and reminisce the sweet smell coming from the kitchen.

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A Very Important Day in our Family History

The picture is terrible. I know. But I have to post.

Even though we only ate maling, friend eggs and rice, this is a very very special meal. Today, July 16, 2011, all four of us –  Manang, me, Franco and Aki, sat around the dining table and ate in peace! Our first official meal together as  family who have table manners! We have gathered around the table many times in the past but usually only two adults are eating because the third adult is feeding Aki. He has been self-feeding, although not consistently, but would  usually run off before everyone was finished. Not today because Aki ate on his own happily and quietly.

Happy meal!


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The First Carousel Ride

One thing you should know about Aki is that he is really matampuhin.

He was excited to ride the carousel, even sending flying kisses and waving to those who rode it before him. While we were waiting in line, I sat Aki on the rails. He noticed the dropbox for tickets and started playing with it. The lady in charge of collecting tickets, in a not so friendly way told Aki to stop because the box costs three thousand pesos. Instantly, Aki’s mood changed. He hugged me and leaned on my chest, like what he always does when he feels embarassed. I could see that his eyes starting to get wet. I scolded the lady in calm manner and told her not to be mataray. If Franco was behind me at that time, I am sure he would say his usual quip when I talk to him about things I think we can’t afford which is  ^%#$%, gusto mo bilihan kita ngayon ng sampung ganyan?! If my mom was there, I am sure this lady will never hear the end of it.  I really wish they were there. I really wish I can be more confrontative and have the talent of throwing  out soap opera level  lines in a snap.  Through out the ride and until we left the area, I gave the lady at least 5 evil eyes. But that is all I did.

Oh I need to work on looking for the inner kontrabida in me so I can stand up for my little boy.

PS. In fairness to the lady, she immediately apologized after seeing the effect of what she said to Aki. Until we left, I could see in her face that she was ashamed of what she did. I hope guilty haunts her tonight.

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Gifts for Aki: It’s all about the money!

As I mentioned before, Aki already has a looooooot of toys. His playroom is filled with so many play things that he gets overwhelmed and hyper, jumping from one toy to another.
So for Christmas, we decided not to give him any toys since he’d surely get a lot anyway. What we gave him were instead money and money saving habits. Franco and I are the biggest cheapskates. We try to live, not within our means, but below our means.  Our hope is for Aki to grow up like us who try to save as much as we can and spend only on what really matters.
Gift # 1: Sputnik aka Niki Endaya, Aki’s first piggy bank. Remember Mong-ki? He is the first coin bank but since he is too cute and kinda fuzzy, we decided to display him on the playroom, beside cute little Baby Glorie. Everytime I come home from work, I give Aki a couple of coins for him to feed Niki. After every successful coin drop, we give him a round of applause. It is almost automatic for him to clap after hearing the clanking of the coins inside.
Gift # 2: Crisp New Old Bills. As many of you may have already heard, Bangko Sentral already printed the first batches of our new brightly colored bills. Slowly, they will phase out the bills that we grew up getting from our godparents every Christmas. Since I am a sucker for memorabilia, we kept a hundred, a fifty and a twenty peso bills for Aki’s future reference. For a minute,I contemplated if I should also save a 500 and a thousand peso bills. But then again, 1500 is 1500. Spending that much on a memorabilia would be against what we are trying to teach. Aki’s 170 peso aguinaldo are now safely kept in his keepsake box.
Gift # 3: His first bank account. This gift is kinda late. We got it only last week because Christmas was hectic and we were yaya-less. We chose Metrobank because one, the nearest branch is right outside our village. And two, Metrobank Fun Saver’s Club offers the most perks compared to other kiddie bank accounts.
These are the perks
    – PhP 50,000 Educational Trust Fund should something happen to me.
    – Personal Accident Insurance  amounting to twice the daily average balance of account.
    – a welcome gift which was an insulated lunch bag.
    – a membership card which will allow me to avail discounts from their partners.
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When Santa Came to Town

December 19, 2008 was a special day because that was the day we got married.

December 19, 2009 was uneventful.

December 19, 2010 is something for the books. We may not had a celebration as big as the one we had 2 years ago, but it is extra special because it’s on that day that our little one met Santa.

We hurriedly went to SM Bicutan’s activity center right after hearing mass because we wanted to avoid the long lines. It was fun watching the other kids take their turn. Some were crying. Some even screaming in fear. Some didn’t care. Some were excited. Aki, on the other hand, was like no other. My cutest, who hardly hears stories about Santa from me  excited ran towards Santa.  

Too bad our camera was lousy and did not take clear pictures of the momentous occasion. I also brought our velvet Christmas hats. I prepared a striped polo shirt that matched the hat nicely but Manang already dressed him up by then. I am not a fan of jumpers and would have wanted Aki to wear something else but Manang, was a such a stage yaya that day. I did not want to burst her bubble  because she seemed very very pleased with Aki’s ensemble.

Anyhoo, here is Aki, running towards Santa….


As soon as Manang Lydia sat him up beside the jolly, old and according to our yaya, not fat enough  fellow, he did this…

Is he the sweetest? We call this baby trick, lambing lambing. When my son feels like being sweet, he rests his head on our laps. He did not want to leave but we had to because there were other kids waiting in line.

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The Tooth will Set You Free

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The first week of August was a week of firsts for our then 9 month old bulate. First time to sit, pee and poop on a potty chair.  🙂  First time to have a sprain. 😦  First time to drink from a glass by himself. 🙂 First time to brush his two little teeth. Weeeee!

As I mentioned before, we are big fans of Tommee Tippee. So when the time came to buy Aki’s first toothbrush, I went straight to the TT shelf in Baby Co. Their toothbrush is reasonably priced at php150++ for a set of three, 2 gum massagers and one real toothbrush. 

I was on my way to the cashier when something caught my attention.

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