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Have you seen the Scarface movie? I have and if I may add, unwillingly. I don’t like seeing too much violence. Apparently, for the male species, particularly my husband, too much violence can be relative.

Speaking of male species, just when I thought I am already immuned to the heartattack that little boys give their mothers because of their naturally adventurous spirit, I realized that I will probably worry and panic until Aki is in his 40’s. We were in my sister-in law’s house for my darling baby niece’s 5th month birthsary. It was raining. Aki was playing near the door when he stepped and slipped on the floor rug and hit the corner of a coffee table. He let out a faint cry, a sign that he was really hurt. I rushed to him to give comfort and reassurance that he will be okay. When I lifted his head, I saw blood gushing from his forehead to his cheeks. Aki has had a lot of wounds but none was as deep as this one. I never had a wound that bled as much.

Normally, I am a panicky person. I worry even if there is nothing solid to worry about. Surprisingly,  I only panicked for a second or two and immediately switched to my okay-here-is-what-needs-to-be-done mode. Here is what played in my head right away after I realized Aki’s cut might be serious

1. Aki’s HMO card is in the catch-all brown box
2. I will bring Aki to Asian Hospital and not the nearby hospital. I did not have a good experience the last time I went to the hospital-that-must-not-be-named  and my fear is they might use a lazy daisy stitch on Aki’s cut
3. Must call Shar later to check if plastic surgery is covered by our HMO
4. Scanning the room. Where’s Tatay? We need someone to drive us to the hospital
5. Looking down. Oh good. I am wearing a bra and denim shorts. I am ready to leave

Lucky for us, there were 2 nurses in the house. Both assured that we don’t need to bring Aki to Asian Hospital. We applied cold compress until the bleeding stopped. We applied Betadine and then Bactroban and finally a  band-aid to cover the cut. I read recently that it is a myth that wounds heal faster when they are exposed

Oh wait, I just realized that I have not yet seen Scarface. I was referring to the The Godfather movies.  Haha.
Aki was running again in a few minutes. He was so okay and back to his old self that he almost had a timeout.

Here is how it looked like 2 hours after he slipped. Scary right? It looked like a little toothless but ruthless mouth


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Memoirs of a Mummy

Our Last Resort in Managing the Picky Eating

is Mosegor!

During one of our check ups with Dra Saulog last July, I asked if we can give Aki an appetite stimulant. He was getting sick more often. The culprit I think is the picky eating. There were days when I felt so defeated because no matter how hard and creative I try, he just won’t open his mouth.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

How to Childproof your Electric Fan with just 25 Bucks

Just head to a fabric store, ask for the cheapest tulle, get a yard, wrap the cloth around your fan and secure using a sipit. Voila! You have just childproof-ed our electric fan. In the Los Banos wet market, tulle sells for as low as 25 bucks. Here in Manila, I have seen tulles sell for as much as 200 pesos. Well, that was in Shangri-la Mall. So, it is best to shop around so you can get the best deals. It does not matter if the tulle is rough or heavy. What is important is that those precious little fingers won’t be able to get near the blades.

P.S. You may have noticed that my recent posts are short. I have a lot of text-and-photo heavy drafts in my head but those have to wait because I have an internal target of 25 posts a month, that I need to reach by tomorrow. 🙂

P.S.S. I dedicate this very late post to my mommy friends, Maggie, Marsy, Khaye and Sha  who have one year olds. Good luck!

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Old School Fun

The simplest and not to mention, cost-free, things indeed bring out the biggest smiles and cutest giggles.

Do you remember doing the Oishi every time someone asks for a high five?

How about playing sawsaw suka? Aki and I made a twist to this classic Pinoy game. Instead of saying “mahuli taya” at the end, we change the last word.  Taya has become window, dog, stairs etc. Aki thinks it is sooo funny!

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Party Firsts!

Last Father’s day weekend, we were invited to back-to-back birthday parties. For someone who loves organizing parties, we don’t get invited often to celebrations for kid’s birthdays. Most of my friends are still are still single. For my family, we like to keep celebrations simple. The first and the seventh are the only birthdays where we go all out on the celebration.

Anyhoo, what I love about the parties that we attended is that the birthday parents allowed Aki to join the games.

Here is Aki on his very first pukpok palayok experience.

He did hit the clay pot but he was not strong enough to break it.  Nonetheless, he was so proud of himself and could not stop smiling that night.

Here is Aki under the pabitin. This was his second time as he participated in the pabitin games the day before. Seeing how crazy the older kids can get, I positioned myself so I can protect him and so I can get him a nice toy. Hahaha.

What I learned from these two parties is that kids go gaga over these traditional games. They get so crazy that it can be a bit dangerous. In the pabitin, I saw three kids, one of them on the floor already, fighting over a toy. Well, umm, they really were not fighting. They were just holding on to the rocket for more than a minute until the parents intervene. It is also not a good idea for parents to carry their smaller kids during the pabitin game which was what Franco did on the first party. When the kids got hold of the pabitin, it hit Aki’s head. Aki was hurt but he did not cry because he was so happy with his new toy.  Continue reading “Party Firsts!”

Memoirs of a Mummy

The Reason

I have a lot of picture-heavy drafts in my head. Lately, I am getting lazier and lazier to wake up early to edit the pictures and blog.  So here’s a post on random things  Aki did lately.

My 32 month old is the reason why

1. I have dry skin. He discovered my lotion and emptied the bottle.

2. I have  a lot of unflaterring paparrazi-like pictures nowadays. I fear for the safety of my camera!

3. My closet is one big mess! Aki likes to hang out there.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Less Structure and Toys = More Imagination and Creativity

If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably noticed that we don’t have as many learning activities as we used to. That is because Aki comes up with his own games. The less structured our activities are, the more imaginative he gets. The fewer the toys, the more his creative juices flow. 

Fide, Pol, Tlee, Too, Nan!
Blast Off!
The Koh (The Claw)
Improvised Tube Game using an empty Yakult bottle, pieces of chalk and his disassembles football goal
Jake from Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates

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Mother’s Day Celebration @ Quezon City Memorial Circle

For Southerns like us, a trip to Quezon City entails a lot of negotiations, seduction and begging with the driver. I know my husband too well. The last time we were in QC was for our SSS ID application back in 2009. We did not even bring a car. We took a cab because he did not want the stress of being stuck in traffic and the hassle of looking for parking. I get where he is coming from. But since it is Mother’s Day, he had to say yes to my request to a field trip to QC Circle, Manila Seedling and UP Diliman. Thank God for husbands who agree to long drives on Mother’s Day.

The first activities for the day were playing, biking and breakfast at the Quezon City Circle. We left the house at 6AM and got there before 7AM. We could have been there earlier if it was not traffic in EDSA (and if hubby listened to me that C5 is the way to go). As soon as we got there, we were greeted by loud aerobics music. This made me really nostalgic. On my very last day as a UP resident, the day that my mom rented a van and picked me up and my boxes from Ilang-ilang Dormitory, Xtianne, Jan (my Elbi friends who also studied in UP Diliman) and I ,  went to QC Circle and danced with the oldies. Good times.

Anyhoo, since I was with a kid, I could not join the aerobics party even if I really wanted to. As soon as Aki saw the entrance to Circle of Fun, the public playground, he ran off.

If I were a kid, I would have done the same thing. Who can resist these?

Nice, eh? Way to go Mayor Bistek for giving the playground a makeover! I wish we have something as nice as Circle of Fun in Paranaque.

If you look closely at the structures, you will see that they are not exactly squeaky clean, especially the undersides.

But for a public playground, I must say, the QC government is doing a good job. Just bring alcohol, wet wash cloth or wipes to disinfect your children’s hands after playing. The comfort rooms were not so bad too. On any given day, I would be more than willing to pay 3 pesos for a clean toilet than use a dirty one for free.

Aside from the playground, another attraction in the Circle is the bike lane.

Everything was as fun as I imagined until….

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