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Aki’s Wiggly Worm 3rd Birthday Party

Last October, my boy turned three!!! I miss those cheeks!


Compared to his airplane themed 1st birthday party and his Letter A 2nd birthday party, last year’s celebration was low key. Having a party in school means less party time and more kids. I didn’t bother making a dessert table or decorating the area. We only had limited time so I wanted to make sure we make the most out of it. And because this was the first real kiddie party in the sense that all the guests were kids, I focused on making the party fun and educational. My priorities were 1) loot bags 2) activities and 3) food.

Aki had a say this time on the theme. Of the party themes that he liked, I picked the Baby Uod  (baby worm) theme. It was just appropriate since he’s been obsessed with worms for the longest time. He even wanted to have a worm sibling at one point. Hahaha!

Let’s have a quick look back at the DIY project that I did for Aki’s little friends.

Read more about the projects here.


Loot Bags

The worm friend


Worm-y pencil


The worm puppet (my favorite DIY project)

Whenever Aki gets a party loot bag, I immediately check on the contents. Most of the time, loot bags are filled with sweets, the intake of which I try to control. So for Aki’s party, no sweets in the loot bag. At all! Aside from the DIY’s, we were supposed to give worm balloons. You should have seen me when I saw these balloons in Andings. Unfortunately, even before we could draw eyes and mouths, the balloons burst. They burst on their own because the material was too thin. Hmmp!

Aki had fun playing with them though.

So what did we do that morning? A lot! Aki’s class starts at 11AM so everything had to be ready by 10:30. Ate Dorina went on emergency leave so Franco and I were busy with the errands plus looking after the birthday boy. Plus, we have our morning birthday tradition.

First, we brought the balloons to Party Tools. We were told to go back after an hour.  Then we went to Red Ribbon to pick up the cake.Then, we bought breakfast from Jollibee. It has been a birthday tradition to eat in Jollibee. We did not have time to dine there so we just ordered take out. Brought the food to the house. My sister and RJ, who were our photographers and videographers for the day were there. Good. Their turn to look after Aki. I gave Aki a bath and turned him over to his Chacha Jana. Franco and I left again this time to pick up the balloons, which started bursting as soon as we loaded them to the van and met up with the hubby of Kitkat of Kalea’s confections (09178920443), to get my order of cupcakes for the cupcake decorating activity.

The cupcakes that we ordered were unfrosted. The yummy butter cream frostings which came in 4 yummy colors were in tubs.  The cupcake itself was so yummy we had to stop Aki from eating them.


I also ordered mini cupcakes for Aki’s teacher.


Once we got home, I dressed Aki in his party clothes. RJ made this #3 shirt. Thanks, Rj!


I quickly decorated the cake using the worms from Faye (thanks, sis!) and the cake pops that Maggie made. Cake pops by Bites are not only cute. They are really really yummy! Like them in Facebook or visit their blog here.

Off to school we went.

I talked to Aki’s teachers months before the party to ask for approval for my ideas. They were very supportive and liked that the activities were “educational”.

As I suggested, the book of the day was A Very Hungry Caterpillar. I planned on including a copy of this book in the loot bags. Books for Less had a warehouse sale so I contacted them. But then the final quote was too expensive for me, so we had to scratch out that idea.


I wonder why the classmates looked so serious while listening to the story.


To my surprise, I learned after the reading time, that I had to speak in  front and explain the activities to the kids. In case you don’t know, I get really really nervous when I speak in front of an audience, even if they are less than 3.5 feet tall.

Our second activity was coloring. Thank you world wide web for the coloring sheet.


Next we made a worm family diorama. I prepared the blue paper for the base, strips of paper in different sizes, and the eyes.



Up next were the cakes and gifts -Aki’s favorites. We opened only 3 gifts because we had limited time.


The last activity I prepared was cupcake decorating. We got grass ( green sprinkles), soil (crushed oreos) and  of course gummy worms. Each classmate was given a paper plate for easy clean up and a fork for spreading. Each table had two tub’s of Kitkat’s yummy icing.


Everyone even the teachers enjoyed this activity.


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A Chinese Baby Shower for Dumpling

One of the highlights of December for our family was the birth of Rya, Aki’s first first-cousin on the Endaya side. Because it was a much awaited event, we just had to have a party. Before Rya was born, everyone called her Baby Dumpling. Since siomai came from China and it was the year of the dragon, I thought of a Chinese-inspired baby shower for her.


This means Siomai in English.


We started with the decors.

With the help of Ate Dorina and Tina, I made and hung some 60+ red lanterns. It was too late when I realized that we don’t have a white thread so we had to use a yarn. The lanterns still looked like they were floating.


We also made a wishing tree. Guests wrote messages on a piece of paper and placed them inside the red Chinese envelopes. Thank you, neighbor, for the your twigs!



Here is my very first diaper cake. I made it from a 40-pc pack of diaper, 40 rubber bands, a blanket, shiny shimmery crepe paper and an ampao.


The diaper cake was the centerpiece of our tablescape which looked like this before the food arrived. Rya’s parents, Mae and Kuya Fiel,  came as soon as the food arrived so I did not have time to take a picture of the table.


My contribution were the mini siopaos which I ordered from Susan, my suki from the Mary Help of Christian Sunday market.  The mini siopao costs only 100 pesos per pack of 10. All three variants, bola-bola, asado and vegetable were hits!


Lechon Macau c/o Babita, Siomai c/o Mae’s cousin, Buchi and Lumpiang Shianghai c/o Mae’s mom and my favorite, pancit from some motel from Pasig. Mental note: get the name and number of the motel from Tita Mildred. Continue reading “A Chinese Baby Shower for Dumpling”

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Happy New Year Gifts

aka late Christmas gifts.

Months before Christmas, I was already planning what to give to Aki’s classmates and teachers for the holidays. Soon it was December already. I realized that we did not have anything prepared on last day of school. Yikes. Where is my bad mommy award? We were happy recipients of gifts but deep inside it felt like I were a melting snowman. I tried to justify with myself that we will just give gifts on the first day of school. The kids and their parents would probably appreciate our gift more now.  It is easier to appreciate the small things when there are less things going on ( and less gifts coming). Excuses excuses.  Oh, did I mention that I let Aki wear a blue top for the Christmas presentation when everyone in the class was supposed to wear green? Ako na talaga! To think that I have not yet forgiven myself for letting Aki wear his Spiderman costume in the school halloween party, I should have thoroughly re-read the memo. In my defense, I lost that memo. Hehe.

Anyhoo, last October, we received these yummy sugar cookies from Franco’s jujitsu sansei. They were baked by Iya, his girlfriend. We ordered several dozens of gingerbread men cookies last month and gave them away to our office friends.


Because Christmas is over, we can’t gift gingerbread men anymore to Aki’s teachers. Instead, we asked Iya to make cookies of  little boys and girls in Aki’s school uniform. The classmates will get these. Each classmate gets the first-letter-of-his-name cookie.

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Hello, Cupcake!

My very thoughtful sister-in-law gave me this fabulous book for my birthday last month. I have been trying to avoid baking sweet treats lately but this Hello, Cupcake book got me feeling inspired to make cupcakes this Christmas break.


The cupcakes featured look so good that I probably won’t eat them. What is so cool about these little cupcakes is that the bakers made use of ordinary candies found in the grocery.


Ready… Get Set…. Drool!

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Aki’s 3rd Birthday: Worm Puppets

This is my favorite project for Aki’s wiggly worm 3rd birthday school party.

Are these cute or are these cute?

I thought it would take me weeks to finish this project. The original plan was to sew eyes and mouths on velcro so the kids can change the faces of their puppets. Unearthing a pack of super glue when I was looking for needles was divine intervention. Interchangeable eyes and mouths? Who am I kidding? Knowing Aki, those little face parts would be gone in less than 15 minutes. After cutting my scrap felt cloths and deciding which cut outs would go together, I glued them to the socks. It was the trickiest part. I still have dried super glue in my nails until now. Continue reading “Aki’s 3rd Birthday: Worm Puppets”

Aki's Wiggly Worm 3rd Birthday · Arts and Crafts · Birthdays · Memoirs of a Mummy

Aki’s 3rd Birthday: Wiggly Worm D-I-Y Projects

Invites. I used old folders, fuzzy wires, and photobooth photo standees. Aki’s participation was handing me the fuzzy wires and drawing the borders.

Worm Friend. The cute toy worms were from Anding’s in Divi. They only cost 60 bucks per dozen. Thanks Faye for buying the second set.

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Aki’s 3rd Birthday Party: The Theme and a Pencil Craft Project

The theme of Aki’s 3rd birthday party was Wiggly Worms. I blogged many times on how obsessed Aki is with his uod friends.  Although the  love for worms started when he was about to turn two, I referred to Aki as my little bulate when he was still a baby because of the way he crawled and wiggled about in the bed. On Aki’s third year, the love for worms grew stronger. He would make up stories about them. Worms were his favorite finger puppet character. He even wanted an uod sibling!
When Aki suggested an uod theme for his party, I just had to do it!

The first craft project I worked on for the party were these wiggle worm pencils.

Materials: Strips of color paper with holes 1.5 inches apart, pencils, fuzzy wires, markers and of course, pencils.

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Office Halloween Decors

From Wednesday to Friday last week, I went home past 11PM and I didn’t mind it. I was part of the ad hoc team that organized the halloween party for the kids of the employees of our department. Our company (oh, let me know if you or anyone you know would like to work in the BPO industry) holds a grand Halloween party. One of our senior directors suggested that we have a mini-party. I could not be anymore excited. I was part of the decors sub-committee but I also also contributed in the programs.

Decorating for this event was a welcome break. These past few days were busy busy for everyone. I thought people won’t dress up their workstations since as it is, there were already too many things to do. But no, I was surprised to see people actually having fun putting up cobwebs. I don’t dance but when the Central team pumped up the volume of their radio and started dancing, at 12 midnight, I could hep but join the dancing. I came back to my senses after two seconds though.

Here are my favorite DIY instant Halloween decors that my officemates came up with.

Too bad, most of my teammates were working offsite. Since they were extremely busy, I volunteered to hang 50+ paper bats.

These are the decors that our committee came up with for the different activity areas.

For the arts and craft station, we used black trash bags to make spiderwebs. Found the tutorial from the HowAboutOrange blog.

Here is game area. We got the template for the pin-the-tail game from my Martha Stewart magazine.

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Aki’s 3rd Birthday Video

Halu! Warning: Stage mommy mode on

Please take a couple of minutes to watch funny bunny’s 3rd birthday video.

What do you think?  Isn’t he the most adorable thing? Which one is your favorite part? I love the “no fighting guys” part. And in case you are wondering what he was saying at the start of the vid, he was saying his name which according to him is Franco Helio Akira Endaya Nevalga Batman Antonio. Antonio is his favorite Power Ranger.

If you are looking for an affordable videographer, check out RJ Dequina. He can be reached at 0923 907 1499 / 0928 352 3854.

Am excited to see the official party pictures!

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Tita Maqui and Ate Jyl’s Divisoria finds

Let me bore you first with my finds from Divisoria. I am no longer my old self who can troop to Divi and stay there the whole day. Even though I need to, I no longer go home with bags full of new clothes. Instead, whenever I am in Divi, I keep my eyes on the prize which are boring household items. For this trip in particular, there were three special items on top my list.

Floor Rugs. Five for 100 only. Here in Bicutan, they sell for 3 for a hundred. I bought 300 worth of these. Non matching rugs and old-clothes-turned-into-rags are such eyesores. And check out the sequins. Now I feel like I am in disco whenever I step into the bathroom.

Marble mortar and pestle. I got this set for only 80 bucks in the sidewalk. I didn’t really think that I need them until I had Ate Dorina who kept reminding me how much easier her kitchen life would be if she had them.

A new hamper. 80 bucks.

I also bought underwear for my boys. Aki’s briefs were only 20 bucks while our daddy’s boxers were only 50 pesos each. I chose the most embarrassing prints for Franky. teeheee.

For Ate Dorina, I got her nice flipflops for her day-offs and rubber clogs for rainy days. Both pairs were only 50 bucks each.

I also bought items for Aki’s school party. Will blog about those in a separate entry. Continue reading “Tita Maqui and Ate Jyl’s Divisoria finds”