Memoirs of a Mummy

Soft Opening of the Familia Kiki Kiddie Barbershop

One January morning, I just woke up with a strong urge to cut Aki’s hair. Well maybe, because I have been reflecting on the unnecessary purchases I made last year. I bought a pair of hair scissors from Japan Home but never got to use it. I thought if I learn how to cut Aki’s hair, I would be able to save a couple of hundred bucks every year. I am lucky to have a toddler who sits still most of the time in the barber’s chair without crying. However, Franco and I agree that we like to keep our son’s hair long. He seems to look older every time we step out of the barber shop. Anywhoot, so on that interesting morning, I felt very adventurous. I wanted to trim the bangs and the hair near Aki’s ears.

First, we needed a cape. Enter lampin and sipit.

Then, distractions. Finger paints and his own scissors. They are made of plastic, by the way.

cplease don't mind my get up. I looked for the scissors as soon as I woke up.

Now, cut cut cut away!

the result…


Side view


14 thoughts on “Soft Opening of the Familia Kiki Kiddie Barbershop

  1. The first time I cut Akira’s hair, hindi na naulit. Besides the fact na nagawa kong bunot ang pagkakagupit ng bangs niya, ang tagal pang humaba —which means, mabigat ang kamay ko. Mega sermon tuloy ang inabot ko sa daddy niya. After 1 year, it grew a few millimeters. Buti nlng na-convince namin si hubby to have Akira’s hair cut by my mom’s helper – the one who cuts our dog’s and my lola’s hair nman. Hehehe.

    1. Madami pala tayong mummies na nagugupit ng buhok ng mga anak namin. Mukhang all around ang nagagupit ng buhok ni Akira ah! hahaha
      Ganun ba yun? Mabagal ang tubo kapag mabigat ang kamay?

  2. ay ako din, i cut jia’s hair! ang swerte ko lang kasi ang peg niya si rapunzel so bawal gupitin ang buhok niya so bangs lang ang pwede ko galawin. ang mahal at ang hassle kaya magpunta ng salon every time.

    and to answer your question, ang galng! sa lalake ko mukhang hindi ko na kaya eh. haha!

    1. Thanks! Siguro pag=practice-an mo muna si Bernard? Kinukulit ko nga si hubby na bumili ng electric razor para ako na lang ang magugupit ng buhok niya!

  3. We have been cutting Elijah’s hair din kasi naman ang mahal ng gupit dito. The first time he had a haircut we paid $25. Di pantay ang haircut and just this morning, kinalbo namin but pwede na din kasi hahaba din naman. kawawang bata i know.

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