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At Daddy’s Favorite Barbershop

The day after Aki turned four, we brought him to his daddy’s barber. I cut his hair a week before and both he and I were not very happy about it. Hehe.
DIY haircut plus unhappy and unwilling kid = instant werewolf costume!

Anyhoo, Aki and I were supposed to go out for a walk around our village. Franco decided to join us since he was due for a haircut.

I took this photo because I want to remember that when Aki turned 4, he was this  tall and he still liked to hold our hands while walking.
I took this photo because I want to remember that when Aki turned 4, he was this tall and he still liked to hold our hands while walking.

We ended up joining the daddy in the barbershop instead.  At first, we only wanted Aki to watch but later on decided to have Aki have a haircut too since the barbershop that we go to, Super Cuts, had been closed for weeks because of an ongoing renovation. Franco, who only had 100 bucks in his wallet, bullied me into walking back 3 blocks to our house to get more money. Haircut with his barber cost only 50 bucks. He said he has been paying his barber 100 bucks since time immemorial so he can’t pay 100 bucks for 2 heads. Fine.

Side story, sometime in August, I convinced Franco to give Bench Fix a try.  He was scheduled to meet the big bosses from our corporate office in the US. It was just but right not to look like a human microphone just this once. So he agreed. He just had his haircut 2 weeks before. Naturally, there was not much that the Bench Fix stylist can do. When I told him that the haircut cost him 250, I had to pick up his jaw from the floor and shushhhhhh him from not reacting too loudly. haha. It took him days to get over that haircut. He kept on ranting and ranting to anyone who was willing to listen or to anyone who was too polite to say, “Will you please shut up?!” And so my plan to convince him to move from his hole-in-a-wall barber to a Bench fix stylist was a major fail.

When I arrived in the shop, Aki ran to me and said,” I want my barber. I want my barber!”.  We only convinced him to try sitting on the adult chair by bribing him with my phone. The chair was too big, so I had Aki sit on his dad’s lap.

I had never been to a barber shop until I had a kid of my own. I always find myself enjoying people-watching there. I noticed that most customers, mostly fathers with their young sons, come in the pambahay clothes in the morning. Maybe because the customers are expected to go home and take a bath right after. It is the exact opposite when girls go to a salon. At least for me. Whenever possible, I schedule my haircuts right before going to an event or get together. When you go to a salon, there are magazines to keep the customer entertained. In barbershops, they only have newspapers. The barbers chat with each other  and with their customers about news, sports and the other barbershops.

Here are some pictures from that morning

Although Aki was not happy that a new barber was cutting his hair, he did not turn into a werewolf.
Although there were times when he was laughing and giggling (compare this to the reaction of the barber),


Aki seemed to mistrust his daddy’s barber most of this time…


I could not blame the boy. You don’t jump for joy and give your full confidence right after you hear your barber say,” Wag malikot, baka magupit ko ang tenga mo” (Don’t move too much or I might cut your ear)  To this, the barber  assigned to the next chair added, ” Tapos papalitan ng tenga ng baboy” (Then we will replace it with pigs’ ears”).

Now, he's bored
Now, he’s bored

The finish product.

A good looking boy with a fake smile. hahahaha

When asked if he wants to have his haircut there again next time, Aki’s answer was “No! It’s so itchy here!” 😛

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