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Family Field Trip: Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum

Feeling guilty because we left Aki for one whole day, Franco and I decided to give Aki an extra special family day out. Last last Sunday, our little familty of three visited the closest park and museum from our place, Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum. The museum was actually closed because we went on a Sunday. Good thing, the park which is located in Villamor, just right before NAIA3 if you are coming from SLEX, is open on weekends up to 6PM.

The last time we went to the park was back in 2010 for our family photoshoot.

This is Aki’s jow-jow-rainjo-sai (Go, go, Power Ranger Samurai) pose.

And this is mine.

I didn’t want to post this pic at first because I look craaaaaaaaazy.  So Aki, if you are reading this, know that when you were two and were crazy over Power Ranger Samurai, your Mameh, was hiyaaaaa!-ing  with you.  That is how crazy in love I am with you.

Aside from inspecting the planes and the machine gun, Aki ran and ran and ran. How I wish we have more parks here in Paranaque.

About the museum and park, they are home to almost 20 retired Philippine aircraft. One of them is the presidential plane during the Marcos regime. On weekdays, visitors can even go inside the airplane.

More picture around the park after the cut

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