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Aki Goes to Washington

Washington Street in Makati, that is.

I lived in Wash for most of my single working girl life. I rented an apartment with my Kalayaan college dormates. Aside from living with my best friends, I love how everything is accessible from Washington. Pedicure? Hot Oil for 99 pesos? Seamstress? Palengke? Every immediate need is at most two blocks away. If we wanted the more posh offerings of Makati like Greenbelt and Makati Med, we just needed to ride a  jeepney. I miss the colorful banderitas and pink and green chicks whenever it was the feast of Don Bosco. Have you ever watched a senakulo? We have that in Wash every Holy Week. And who can forget staying up late because it was so noisy outside? Thanks to the annual Miss Washington beauty contest.  But what I truly miss is the abundance of carinderias.
After our wedding, Franco and I rented an eensy weensy studio type apartment. We were so excited to be back even if it was just for lunch. Aki did not share the excitement at first because he just woke up.

Aki was conceived in one of the units in the white building with a black car.

There are a lot of carienderias in Wash but our favorite is Coby’s. To my housemates, Franco and me, we call it Chavacano because the staff are from Zamboanga and speak the dialect.

We had our usuals.

Giniling with Egg (my favorite!), Barbecue, Maling, Longganiza, and Inihaw.

Picky Aki ate the barbeque! Yes! Protein, check!

We also ordered mango and melon shakes. I overdosed on these when I was still preggy with Aki.

Before heading home, we ordered our dinner – chicken inasal and inihaw na liempo! Yum yum!

Our total bill: 300+. Washington, we shall return.

15 thoughts on “Aki Goes to Washington

  1. Hi N@wie sis…

    We lived in that area too…sa Wilson naman kami. Lots of memories sa area na yan at jan din naconceive ang baby girl namin. Hehe

    Nakakarelate lang ..maaya nga si hubby bumalik jan.

    1. hi sis!thanks for dropping by. tatlo na tayong ex-washington girls sa N@w. pati si Faye, ex-washington din.
      what’s your URL pala? I get an error message everytime i visit akosimisang.wordpress.com

  2. Washington girl din ako dati, pero earlier years sayo…mga 1998-2001. Walking distance lang sa Amorsolo where i used to work 🙂 na experience ko din mabaha.

    1. Sayang di tayo nag abot. Kaya rin namin napili ang Washington kase walking distance lang from our office in Bunedia.
      Hindi ata kumpleto ang Washington experience kung di mo nasubukan dumaan sa baha! yun di ko namimiss!

      1. carltess lang natatandaan ko. haha. si pagtananan hindi na. pero meron kami peyborit na tapsihan sa tabi ng apartment namin eh. limot ko pangalan. hmpf. yung photo mo parang familiar. not sure kung katapat nung apartment namin dati. (sorry short-term memory talaga ako)

        1. Yun apartment namin sa may Brix 3rd.
          Nsku namiss ko ang mga tapsihan ng washington. Ang first official date namin ay sa isang tapsihan sa kanto. Yun katapat ng Washington bakery

      2. tanda ko ung brix 3rd! nakow siguro nga magkatapat lang tayo apartment. auro-vir kami before nakatira. bagong gawa ba ung brix 3rd nung nag move in kayo? walking distance lang ba kayo sa school at palengke? ung aprtment namin nun 1 block away. naku mabisita nga yang washington minsan. ipapasyal din namin si maia wehehe. (gaya-gaya lang) ako di ko miss ang baha pero dyan talaga notorious si washington.

  3. Me and my hubby usually do this too! we often visit this carinderia where he eats during his college days near UST. Iba yung feeling kasi, nostalgic! tapos may makikita ka rin na mga dati mong nakakasabay nung student ka pa tapos working na rin ngayon..

    1. Hi marge! Thanks for reading my blog. Kami naman ni hubby, since we went to different universities, di na dala namin ang isa’t isa sa mga favorite tambayan namin nuon

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