Memoirs of a Mummy

You Know You Have A School Boy (or school girl) when..

1.You have to go school supplies shopping. The experience was less stressful for us since we opted to go to a not-so-busy mall.

2. You talk to the school service driver if there is a way that your child is the last to be picked up in the morning and the first to be dropped off after class. Thankfully, the service operator agreed. I worry though for Aki once he starts in the big school. I see school service vans pick up kids here in the village before 6AM. Some kids go home as late at 7PM. Franco said that kids pick up curse words, X-rated stuff and bullying from their busmates.

3.You spend hours labelling all your kid’s stuff. This was quite stressful for me. I know I have no right to be OC since I have the worst handwriting. I could have saved myself from stress had I asked my digitally creative sister to make the labels. After several trials and after learning that I only have a few sticker labels left (Argggh!), I settled for this trying-to-look-like-I’m-not-trying design.  Dear Akira, I am so sorry that your mom has the worst handwriting.I tried many times to come up with a nice design for your labels but this was the best that I could do. Next year, promise, we will have Tita Jana design sticker labels.

4.When you re-read and re-read all the guidelines, policies and questionairres at least five times. I appreciate that Aki’s school asked for information about our family, Aki’s medical history, his potty habits, my instructions on giving first aid and medicines etc. I am not sure if it is common practice among preschools but definitely I am impressed.

5.You attend a parent-teacher orientation for the first time. Normally, I don’t care how I look on weekends but on this special day, I tried to make some effort to look presentable. I did feel a little out of place on Aki’s first day. The other moms looked effortless chick. I was the only mom who was wearing shorts and fit flops. I was the only one who did not take time to dry her hair. Anyhoot, about the orientation, we, parents, were asked to describe our children and explain briefly what were our expectations from the school. Teacher Tina then explained to us their curriculum, their methodology, the K-12 system, and of course the policies.  We were also warned that yayas tend to gossip and sometime flirt with the carpenters working near by.

6.You feel ‘hinayang’ about the tuition whenever your kid has to miss school. Teacher Tina stressed that we should not send our kids to school when they have runny nose. Because of this, I asked Dra Saulog for prescriptions for cough, runny nose and congestion.

7.You get stressed when your child gets a birthday invitation and you don’t have time to look for a gift. I surveyed the mommies at work on how much do they allot for gifts. The trend was clear. They base their gifts on the price range of the gifts that their kids receive. But Aki’s birthday is not until 4 months from now.  How would I know who gives thoughtful gifts? I am thinking of stocking up on the 64-piece crayon sets. One of Aki’s classmates celebrated her 3rd birthday 2 days after the start of school. Because I did not have time to go to the mall, I just re-wrapped a book that I was supposed to give to my friend’s son.

8.You plan nutritious and cute snacks. These are our cute peanut butter and banana bunny and teddy mini sandwiches.

9.You rejoice when your school kid eats his baon!Yey!

10. End of class hand stamps and first school projects excite you.

11. You tearfully watch your baby excitedly ride the school service without you.

16 thoughts on “You Know You Have A School Boy (or school girl) when..

  1. sobrang relate ako rito. I haven’t blogged about it but on Ryken’s first day in our office’s daycare, I woke up at around 330am to do the labels, kaloka! 🙂 I got some templates from the Smart Parenting website and printed them out on bond paper. ‘Di ko kasi nagawa the night before, hehe.. 🙂 ang cool ng mga baon ni aki! 🙂

  2. Hi Maqui, been dreading for this day to come for me and Liam. hehe.. anyway, how did you do the teddy and bunny sandwiches? may mold ba for that?
    also, ok naman ung name tag design mo. very genuine. 🙂
    p.s. am using different email na, i cant remember my wordpress password.. blame it to turok..

  3. i agree on all points! your posts are really timely ha!

    i just wrapped a present for the birthday of Tala’s classmate this morning. what’s the rule for that anyway? does it have to fall within a certain price point? i got the celebrant an activity book. i don’t know if that’s an okay gift to give.

    i’m also attending my first PTC tomorrow. kinda nervous about it. my kid did something in school and i will surely hear about it tomorrow. ugh.

    by the way, i love the sandwiches! keep the posts coming! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Aimee!
      You know, hindi ko rin alam. Before I thought, i will just hoard on the cute 20 peso erasers in Divimall, okay na. My budget is 150 per gift. I don’t know if that is too expensive or too cheap.

  4. maqui! apir ako from 1-10! lolz. unsuccessful nga lang kami sa #2. so first pick up, last drop kami huhu. buti na lang mababait ang driver at assistant. alagang-alaga nila si maia.

      1. sis not allowed na yaya after the first week. okay naman sya so far. magfo 4 weeks nang in school no complaints at all. one of these days pag napiktyuran namin i’ll write about how she would wait for her school service in front of the house 15 mins ahead of schedule. nakakatuwa lang makita enthusiasm nya. midday sched sya so no issue with waking up pa. 930am sya sinusundo for an 11am class. then she gets home 3pm. halos 2.5 hrs din travel time back and forth but it doesn’t seem to bother her. meron lang sya pillow sa service kasi pinapahiga na nung assistant pag pauwi para makapag nap.

        1. oh wow. good for her. Si Aki pwede na rin iwan sa school pero takot ako na baka magtatalon sa service kaya pinapasama ko pa si Ate.

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