On this very productive rainy Saturday..


…went to a garage sale and got Aki his very first study table. I also bought  a food processor and two brand new frames for a quarter of the original price. I regret that I did not buy more frames.

… found  a very disturbing hole in one of our tires and could not remove the bolts. Call me OA because a small hole really scared me. I tried to be calm so my husband won’t panic but deep inside I was praying because I did not want Aki to grow up without his parents.

… found a Rapide branch but it was full.

… drove a bit further and found a vulcanizing shop. They fixed our tire in 20 minutes.

… went to Galleria for the first time since we got married and finally got myself a square pan for the lemon square baking project

got my fix of  Japanese kawaii-ness!

From Japan home

From Daiso

From my current favorite store, Saizen!

More on my bento adventures  and my very productive crafty Sunday on the next post.


8 thoughts on “On this very productive rainy Saturday..

  1. good job, Momma Maqui! 🙂 daming loots kahit na rainy day. gosh, bigla ko namang na-miss ang ulan 😦

    good thing i read your blog — andami kong natututunan na lugar na malapit sa BLS 🙂 meron na palang Baker’s Depot sa Glorietta. i’ll bring hubby there. inaangkat pa namin ang mga square pans nya kasi walang 8 x 8 dito 😦

    i’m sure Aki will love his new desk. big boy na talaga!

    • sis, i got the pan from the Robinsons Galleria branch, not glorietta. If you want na malapit lapit sa atin, there is another Baker’s Depot Branch in Waltermart Makati. Sa tapat siya ng Don Bosco Makati along Chino Roces.

    • Faye, ang alam ko lang na branch nila ay Trinoma at Rob Galleria. Although I read somewhere na magkakaroon daw ng JapanHome or Daiso sa Rob Paranaque. Di ko naman alam kung san yun.

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