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Akira to Zoltan

I posted here before that I have been looking for a children’s book where the main character is named Akira. I have seen a hundred Davids and Mary’s in my many trips to Booksale but no Akira. I have almost given up hope actually. I thought to have that elusive book, I would have to make one myself. It is my dream to make a children’s book for Aki. I have made three (texture book, feelings book, Father’s Day book)  but what I really want is a book with a story.

I am happy to report that I finally have an Akira book. It is not a story book  but it still is an Akira book. Mega super thanks to my sister in law, who bought this for our little bookworm.

Akira to Zoltan was written by Cynthia Chin-Lee. This inspiring book is about 26 men, one great man for each letter of the alphabet.

Amelia to Zora, the female version of the book, would make a wonderful gift to tween girls.

I like that this book chose influential men from modern history like Pele, Walt Disney and Nelson Mandela. The write-ups are also kid-friendly They are not yet for toddlers but grade schoolers would appreciate knowing that great men used to be children like them and had to overcome obstacles to pursue their dreams.

I love the contemporary design thru the collages.

Thanks again, Ilyana!

8 thoughts on “Akira to Zoltan

  1. ahhh kaya pala magkamuha! yes im referring to the model houses in levitown hehehe 🙂 my fiance lives in better living in sahara st 🙂 If i may ask where do you usually buy books? 🙂

  2. nice naman! 🙂 im able to haul some 2nd hand books online too! ansaya ko nung nameet ko online yung seller na taga dito dn sa amin hehehe 🙂

    Maqui, you might be interested, i have a friend who’s part of the organizers ng Disney Live Mickey’s roadshow… sa September sya… pinapahanap nya ako ng mommy bloggers who might want to blog about it…. lemme know if you want ha… i gave ur URL na sa kanya… 🙂

  3. Ive done some back reading and discovered you lived in pque 🙂 it’s such a coincidence because i think the house that you bought is one of the houses me and my fiance checked out! (we just just like looking around hehe.. so money yet! ipon mode!) im so jealous i love that house!! 🙂

    1. Hey there. Actually, we had our house built. Are you referring to the model houses in Levitown? Those were our inspiration.
      Dewi, are you from Better living too?

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