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96 months

Earlier today, a Latin American guy asked me, “Should I find a place here in Manila where I can dance salsa, would you like to join me?” My quick reply was ” Haha. I can’t dance even if my life depended on it.” What I really wanted to tell this nice guy was that my husband got a 4.0 in ballroom dancing in La Salle. Maybe he would want to go to that restaurant too. Haha. I did not tell him that I am married because I did not want to sound assuming.

Anyhoo, about to my ballroom dancing hubby, I am celebrating my 8th year anniversary with him today!  Eight years ago, while we were kissing in my old apartment, I pulled away (or was it him who pulled away?) and asked if we were already a couple.  Haha.  I wasn’t looking when he came into my life. I was still broken hearted because of boyfriend of 7 years left me for a prettier, funnier and more exciting girl. What I thought would be fling for a few months is now a 96 month old relationship that means the world to me.

I have written several love letters to my bebe. This is the first one.  I remember feeling so inspired to write after interviewing a foreigner who told me about his quest to find the girl for him. There was this guy, who went half way around the world looking for his one true love. That person made me realize how lucky that I was/am to be with someone who loves me just the way I want to loved. Franco and I are different in so many ways yet there is no one else I can call bestfriend except for him.

Before you read my love letter, you may want to hop over to the music page of our wedding website. Scroll down and click on Listen. Here is the link.

From:   Nevalga, Jamie 
Sent:   Thursday, August 19, 2004 3:04 AM
To:     Endaya, Franco Antonio
Subject:        Marcus Greer
Hello Bebe,

I interviewed a very intresting applicant this afternoon. His name is Marcus Greer, a 36 year old native of California. Bulk of our conversation was on his very unusual wife search. Looking for that perfect match he said  is no easy task. One must consider the following:

A. Similarity of Religion
B. Intelligence
C. Philosophy in Life

Hearing this initially, I told myself that it is such a shame that we, despite that weird chemistry that we have, simply just aren’t a match.

A. Similiar Religion — you  are passionate about your God. I do not have one.

B. Intelligence-  We may not be on  the same level academically speaking : P but in my heart I know that we are compatible because we are both street wise and people smart. (This is an inside joke. I did not mean to sound proud or something. Promise)

C. Philosophy in Life – We are both very open to each other’s ideas, flaws and past mistakes. We both manage money very well. We may differ in terms of our concepts of marriage, an ideal subdivision/barangay, religion or the need for exclusivity in relationships, but am sure, since we are both broad minded and understanding,  we can meet halfway and overcome our differences.

So why am I saying this? I asked Marcus if he have ever shortlisted someone before and he said yes and he missed that one chance to end this search. If he ends up lonely and miserable for the rest of his life he will always regret that he let go that one perfect match. If I will ever  let you go  I will definitely be miserable  for the rest of my life. People die at the age of 65. I am only 21 years  and I am  very lucky coz I have ended that search even before I started it. 

I shiver at the idea of spending the rest of my life with only one person  but the idea of you not being in my life scares me more.

I love you so much.                    

Forever yours,


Happy monthsary, veve voivah! I love you so much!

12 thoughts on “96 months

  1. Happy anniversary maqui and franco! Wishing you happier and healthier yearssss together! 🙂

    This is my 3rd attemp to comment. Sabi ni WP something’s wrong cheness. Sana ngayon ok na…

  2. wow.. it’s very nice to hear stories about 2 wonderful people.. i’m so happy for you maqui. 🙂

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