Before and After: Clear Plastic Storage Box

Because Aki’s old clothes are now in the cabinet, we have three empty plastic storage boxes lying around. 

Using the animal templates that Irene gave, I drew animals on art paper. Cut the drawings and taped/glued them on the plastic box.

Here are the after photos:

Cute eh?

Total cost: PhP 7.50 for the art paper.

Thank you again, Irene, for the templates!


8 thoughts on “Before and After: Clear Plastic Storage Box

  1. I’m so impressed by you! I’m a mother of 3 (12, 9, and 18 months) and wants my kids to be busy with arts and crafts especially on weekends so their time won’t be consumed much on the computer and xbox. Now, where i can get those templates like yours? My 9 year old son loves animals and drawing is his forte so i’m pretty sure he would love those templates. Please share 🙂

    • Thank you, Janis! The templates were given to me by Irene of . If I remeber correctly, she drew them freehand kaya no softcopies.
      Am sure there are a lot of animal templates in Google. Just time animal coloring pages/templates. 🙂

    • art paper lang sis. cute talaga yun templates that Irene drew freehand kaya cute ang nilabasan.
      first i used a double sided tape then glued yun sides para di ma punit. at first aki was curious and wanted to remove the drawings. mali ko rin kase earlier that they I let him play with the cardboard cut outs. but after pag sabihan, di na niya uli tinanggal

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