Productive, balanced Sunday

How I wish every weekend would be just like last weekend – productive, balanced and relaxing. I was able to do the things that I wanted to do. I spent quality time with Franco, with Aki, with Franco and Aki and with myself. 

I blogged already about last Saturday. What I did not mention is that Franco and I got to watch Avatar that night, finally!

Sunday was just as great.

We started the day with a visit from our favorite neighbors Chloe and Margaux. Here is Margaux playing with the bubble making dino toy with got from Saizen.

In between watering the plants, picking flowers and stopping Aki from tearing down the towers his Ates made, I was able to trace, cut and outline animals for my storage plastic box make over project.

When Franco woke up, he brought Aki to my in laws’ house down the block. This gave me time to tape and glue the animal cut outs to the toy box. Feeling very proud of my accomplishment, I started a new one – pom poms for the second playroom. My boys came back right after I finished. Two craft projects in one morning! Naks!

It was 12:15PM already and we haven’t cooked anything yet. I promised Franco earlier that day that we will play with my bento tools for lunch. We did not have time because we were already hungry. We opened two cans of tuna, cooked it a bit and mixed in taco seasoning. We then sliced tomatoes and onions, grated some cheese and made garlic sauce using the 88 pesos garlic press from Japan Home. Lastly, we heated the tortillas that have been in the freezer for more than a month. Put them all together and what do we have? Tuna soft tacos in 10 minutes! I forgot to take pictures because we were busy eating. But here is a pic of Aki loving his toasted tortilla.

After lunch, Manang helped me hung the pom poms and the final details on the wall.

 When we were done, this is how the 2nd playroom looked like.

Am so proud! More on the 2nd playroom on the next post.

Franco and I prepared to go to church. I thought I flushed my wedding down the toilet. Good thing, hubby found it. After mass, Franco and I had a mini date in the little cafe that we discovered in Dona Soledad.

Went home and picked up our son from my in laws. At home, the workers we hired to weather-proof the roof were already present. It is sad that we are already experiencing leaks just after 1 year of moving in. The good thing is that I think, we finally found workers who care about the quality of their output . During Falcon, we did not experience any drips.  Sunday, they went back to finish what they started.

Aki and I enjoyed playing with rocks in the street while Franco talked to one of the workers. We would pick rocks , and throw them as far as we can. Who knew rocks were so much fun to play with?

When it was about to get dark, we went inside and worked on our bento creations, all four of us – me, Franky, Manang and Aki. More about that again on my next post.

Hubby left after dinner to meet with friends. Aki and I stayed in the room and watched a documentary about the food Rizal ate and loved.  Bravo to GMA 7. I am proud to be a daughter of Calamba because of the documentry. While watching the docu on cooking, Aki and I pretended that we were cooking too. Using his bolster pillows as our syanse, we raised our arms towards the TV and  pretended to be mixing the ingridients. Once in a while, Aki would go to the TV, touch the screen, pretend to put the food into his mouth and say mmmmmm. Being the generous boy that he is, after saying mmmmm, he would touch the screen again, pretend to get some food and them go to me to share. I, of course, said “Mmmmmm. Arigato, Aki!”. Aki smiled back proudly  as if he just cooked his very first sinigang dish. I gave him a hug and he gave me a wet kiss in return. 

And of the many memories that the last weekend gave me, that kiss was my favorite.


14 thoughts on “Productive, balanced Sunday

      • HI Maqui! Thanks! 🙂 ang layo ko pala 🙂 i’ve been seeing that you also love making pompoms! (who doesn;t? hehe) Makapost nga din ng mga pinagagawa ko hehehe. Bilib ako sa iyo you are always able to update your posts 🙂

  1. hey! how many sheets of japanese paper did you use for the pom poms? i was trying to make one the other day. trying to DIY-ing for my baby’s bday. i used all 10 sheets, ang pangit ng labas. haha..

    p.s. i love japan home center. daiso and all that. haha.. i can stay there for a long time. saw the bento stuff too! cute!

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