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Capt. Akira’s Airplane Party: Aerospace Museum/Chateau Elysee

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Let me interrupt the regular programming with a negative supplier rating.

Aerospace museum is the best place to hold an airplane themed party.

There are 17 real aircrafts on display in the museum grounds.
The museum is beside NAIA 3 so it’s one of the best places for airplane watching.
The rental fee of the hall is only 5K. Deposit was only 1K.
Management only allows one event per day. Ingress of the caterers and stylists can start as soon as the admin office opens at 8AM.
There is ample parking for everyone.
The hall is spacious and can comfortably fit 300+ guests.

So why the negative supplier rating?

That was one of the most stressful days of 2010. I will never forget that day when the admin office sent me a message via text, asking me to give them a call. Yes, they were about to deliver the most stressful news and yet did not have budget to give me a call!  I can’t imagine the stress of the 2 brides whose weddings they also cancelled to give way for the 4-day entrance exam.

In fairness to Aerospace, the contract stipulated that management reserves the right to cancel reservations should the Air Force need the venue. The admin officer assured me though that government events are usually done one weekdays only and  that October is a lean month for the Air Force.

As a consolation, they allowed us to have our family photoshoot in the museum free of charge and after the office hours.  These photos were taken between 5-6PM. Any earlier, it would had been too hot. If later, it was already dark and I am dengue-paranoid.

Anyhoo, after 3 sleepless nights, we found a venue,  Chateau Elysee here in Bicutan, Paranaque. Mega thanks to my officemate Macy, a resident of the beautiful condo community, who booked the venue for us.

Chateau Elysee, like our original venue, is spacious, blessed with ample parking, great for airplane watching,  affordable at 4K for 4 hours and very photogenic. If I could turn back time, I’d make sure we arrive early so we can have more pictures taken outside the clubhouse. The only down side is that the venue is not airconditioned. Since I was walking around a lot, I was swimming in sweat inside my dress. Some of the guests  thought the venue was breezy, especially those who sat near the sides. Maybe, it was just me. My FIL also commented that the venue would had been cooler if we positioned the backdrop differently because it blocked the air circulation.

Anyhoo, this is getting lengthy. If you find our pictures beautiful and would like have your own beautiful family photos, let me know so I can hook you up with my photographer friend who also shot Aki’s party.

If you are our friend in Facebook, you can view the rest of the pictures there.

19 thoughts on “Capt. Akira’s Airplane Party: Aerospace Museum/Chateau Elysee

  1. Thank you very for posting about your experience regarding the PAF museum. I’m considering to hold our wedding reception here but your story gives me second thoughts.

    Their “last-minute” cancellation is scary.

    1. Hi Ishmael,
      Thanks for dropping by. Last I heard, they don’t accept reservations for non-PAF events anymore.

      congrats on the engagement!

  2. Hi Maqui. I was trying to find out how much is the rental fee in Chateau Elysée because I’m looking for a nice & affordable venue. I am planning to give a surprise party for a friend. Actually, I’ve been there before for a debut of my friend’s sister that’s why I know the place. Thank God I found your helpful blog. You & your blog are angel sent. Thank you. 🙂

  3. How do I get there (PAF Aerospace Museum) via jeepney if coming from Multinational Village?

  4. Hi Maqui!.. I really love your blog. 🙂 Before I was looking for a restaurant for my son’s baptism and until I found out I was already reading your diary… Now i’m checking on some ideas for his 1st birthday.. Thank you..

  5. Naku, my son’s is now 2.5. so the party was more than a year ago. Sa sobrang sama ng loob ko sa venue, di ko na magawang magblog. kasi feeling ko, everything was wasted. We weren’t able to go all out on the balloons and we don’t have backdrop coz of lack of budget. But i personally prepared for the tarps. Kaya lang di na nagfit sa new venue kaya parang di ko pinaghandaan. Or maybe because of the stress I went thru, di ko na nagawang pag-isipan pano remedyohan. Can’t remember the name of the hall but it’s the one na pagpasok sa same gate nung aerospace, straight ahead lang sya.

  6. Hi Maqui! I came across your blog from anna (bluelawbyanna). Anyways, I just have to comment. We were also a victim of the Aerospace Museum’s last minute cancellation. Buti ka pa nga 27 days before. Kami, 1 week before. Super stressed like you. And I was able to confirm a new venue a day before the party. dun sa isa pang function room sa Villamor just after the gas station pagpasok. But ayun, the new venue was not that nice. Daming military seals na nakasabit, which, due to my stress, di ko na nagawan ng paraan at the last minute. And I felt na nasayang lahat ng effort ko to make the venue nice. Hayy… the Museum is a nice place, affordable and airconditioned. But I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone anymore coz the stress you’ll go thru if they bump you off is not worth it.

    1. oh my! grabe, one week! i would die if i were in your shoes. am so sorry to hear about your stress. like you, i will never recommend Aerospace. siguro sa mortal kong kaaway, pwede pa. hehehe
      yun villamor lakambini hall ba yun nakuha mo? we were suposed to have our party there. as in booked na coz it was the only one available thatwe could find at that time. buti na lang we found chateau. lakambini is okay pero di kasing ganda ng aerospace.sabi nga ng husband ko, parang elementary school sa probinsya.
      hope you can blog about how your party turned out

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