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Air Akira Airplane Party: The Candy Shop

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One of my biggest wedding regrets was giving in to the upselling of our cake supplier. It would not have mattered if we got the swarovksi    crystals or the pearlized icing. I just don’t believe that spending much on a cake will do much in making a party more memorable. In my opinion, a boring party with a huge expensive cake is still a boring party. So for the baptism, I decided to forgo the cake tradition. We did not get a cake and nobody seemed to notice.

For Aki’s party, we had to have a cake for the ceremonial happy birthday song and the candle blowing tradition. It was a small blue  7″ cake with a 2D airplanes and a 3D # 1. It was small and cute but it still got a lot of compliments. It was not even a quarter of the size of our wedding cake but more people noticed and appreciated it became more people got to see it up close. Why? We had the little cake displayed along side the other sweet treats in the dessert table aka Candy Shop.

We did not spend much on the cake but I did spend much time conceptualizing the dessert table and how to make a feast for both eyes and tummies. The dessert table did not hurt our bank accounts as well, since most of the yummy treats were gifts.

Even before my SIL asked what gift did we want, I knew that I wanted her to bake some cupcakes. And even before my officemate Margie could ask what gift we wanted, I already told her that I’d love to have her infamous cookies on display in our party.  Both cupcakes and cookies were so good we got inquiries on how can our guests order them. and if you are interested in ordering cuppies, let me know so I can hook you up with my SIL. The dessert table also had brownies from Becky’s c/o of our immigration officers aka registration peeps, Binky, Benny and Josi, Chupa chups lollipops c/o my Tita Sor and wafer sticks c/o Rosie. I bought repacked choco mallows for only 50 pesos for 20 pieces but we did not serve them since they were already melted and we forgot to bring thongs. The chocolate fountain was included in the caterer’s package.

Special thanks of course to the sweet donors, to my Tita Sor  and to SIL Mae for lending their glasswares, Rosie for buying wafer sticks, and to Leslie for offering to lend her platters.

Oh let’s go back to cute yummy affordable  cake. Our supplier was Kalea’s Confections, same baker who made the sumo cake and japanese cupcakes for Franky’s Japanese-themed 30th birthdy party. Again, working with Kikat was hassle free. We only met on the day itself. I love that she also lives in the South. Her delivery charge was only 75 bucks!  For her contact info, pls refer to the Japanese party supplier info blog post.

The only problem with a small cake was that the kids kept trying to blow the candle even before the happy birthday song for Aki was finished. 😛

6 thoughts on “Air Akira Airplane Party: The Candy Shop

  1. Hi, Great party! My son will be celebrating his First Birthday on 21st and same theme with your baby. I hope you can help me regarding pilot costume. Do you have the number and exact address? thank you so much

    1. Oh no, I am sorry, I lost the number. But we had his costume tailor made in one of the shops in the AFP area. I don’t know the name of the street but it is the street that connects Fort bonifacio to Villamor. There is a row of shops there that sew costumes and sells accessories. PM me if you need more directions.

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