Fun Finds from Uniwide, my Happy Place

My hubby surprised me a couple of weekends ago by agreeing to go to Uniwide with me. As I blogged before, Uniwide is my happy place. I have been avoiding it actually because my happiness would mean the opposite for my wallet and for wealth management new year’s resolution. Which reminds me, I have not yet blogged about  mutual funds and temptation control.

Back to topic, so we went to Uniwide and had lots of fun. Well actually just me. After the trip, I asked Franco what he thinks of Uniwide and his answer was “hindi mo na ako mapapabalik dito” You will never get me to go back here. haha. Thank you my dearest hubby. Hubby, I so laaab.

With 1500, I got to buy these..

For the reference of my US and Europe-based online friends, here are the conversion rates:

1 USD = 41.31936 PHP
1 Euro = 54.0000 PHP

A 59 peso Christmas ornament for Baby Dumpling, Aki’s first first cousin on the Endaya side.

Christmas Tree skirt for only PhP 199

Ten peso  garlands.

Cute ornament for 29 bucks

Two-peso, Three-peso and 5-peso Cards

Can opener for 99 bucks. Can you recommend a brand that will not rust ever?

Spidey notebook for 12 pesos

This was for my mom. She has two already. She likes cooking in this claypot because she said her rice and soups taste better than when they are cooked in metal pots.

These were for Ate Dorina’s daughters. Only 99 bucks for each pair.

I love these chopping boards. They were selling for 90 bucks per kilo. Six boards cost me 150 pesos. Not bad, right? I read before that there should be a different chopping board for fish, chicken, meats and veggies. Unless Ate forgets which board is which, I don’t think we will have cross contamination issues.

And my favorite… my ….wait, I love it so much it deserves its own post. Blog post will be up within the day.  Merry Christmas!


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