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Frugal Find: Affordable Diapers Online

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After losing 0.1 pound because of  flu-cough-fever last August, Aki bounced back and gained 2.2 pounds in just three weeks. This was fab news for us because Aki has only been gaining 0.5 pound monthly  since he learned how to crawl.

With the weight gain came the need to upgrade the size of his diapers. From size L, we bought 3 packs of Prokids in XL. To my dismay, I learned that we were spending 15 bucks per diaper. In a day, that is 75 pesos or 2250 pesos in  a month. What da!

Just to experiment, I bought a pack of Happy diapers in SM. They only cost 8 pesos each.  With 8 pesos, you get a diaper that has a tape that is not so sticky  and  waterproof but nonbreathable cover. The result: rashes in Aki’s singit and legs.

I really thought we had no choice but to spend 27K  a year for disposable diapers  until I chanced upon online diaper stores. Their diapers cost much much less! Weeeee!!!

The first site that I discovered is Sumo Babies. I was immediately intrigued about their organic biodegradable diapers. I love Mother Earth but I love my baby more. That is why we are using disposables. If there is a way to save our landfills  without sacrificing my baby’s bum and our water tank here in the water deprived Paranaque City, I am in! I sent an inquiry via email but unfortunately, did not get a reply. 😦   Sad. I probably had more success if I called them or sent my inquiry via SMS. Since I already found another supplier, I did not bother contacting them again. I am sure I will in the future. I am a fan of Earth’s Best products so I really want to try their diapers which sells for only 5 bucks a piece.

The next site that I stalked was The Diaper Lady The site was highly recommended by my mommy friend Imee. What is great with this seller is that they deliver for free in the Libis, Makati and Ortigas area. I wanted to order but I realized that it might be difficult to commute from my Ortigas office to Bicutan if I were carrying packs of diapers.

And so the search for South based online sellers was on. Lucky me, it did not take me long to discover Pick-A-Diaper. I like that they promptly reply to my SMS messages. The best part is that they are also from the South. For our meet up, I just had to walk to the gate of our village.

I bought two kinds of diapers: Chiaus and Cliffords. Both were recommended by Imee. Chiaus was ok but not fab. It is thin and absorbent but the tape is not sticky enough for my very active baby. It was too late when I learned that Imee is using Super Chiaus and not Chiaus on her baby.

The Cliffords on the other hand are great!

This is what the packaging says about the product

Fastening system allows baby to move freely and comfortably while helping to prevent leaks.

Provides a secure, comfortable fit and helps prevent leaks.

Quickly pulls moisture away from baby’s skin and into the super absorbent core.

Vitamin E, aloe and zinc oxide

Gently gather around baby’s legs for a soft, breathable leakage barrier.

Helps prevent leaks and provides a soft, comfortable fit.

Allows air circulation for a drier, more comfortable baby

What I also like about Cliffords  is the fit which is the downside of Prokids. In the picture with three diapers, the Prokids may seem like it is the smallest but that is only because it is tri-fold. When the diaper is full, it bunches up in the middle and gets droopy. The picture with Aki wearing the Clifford diaper was taken in the morning after he has worn it for more than 8 hours.

The best part of the Clifford diaper is the price. A pack of 60 costs only 7.15 pesos!!! That saves us almost 15K in a year. Happiness!

ps if there are tons of grammatical and typo erros, pls know that i am excused because it is already 12 midnight and my eyes are half closed.

14 thoughts on “Frugal Find: Affordable Diapers Online

  1. Hi Maqui. I accessed the link for sumo baby and diaper lady and they are no longer existing since multiply already closed. Do you have any new leads on how to contact them?

    1. Oh no sorry. But maybe you can look them up in Facebook.
      If you are from the Betterliving area, there is a store for imported diapers here, near Yellow Cab if I am not mistaken. The name is Mother’s something.

  2. Hi maqui, I only read this today. Are you still using these diapers now? Coz I’m so happy to have found this entry kasi malaki ang magiging savings sa diapers dito! hahaha =) I’ll make the big switch if you still vouch for them =)


    1. Unfortunately, my two suppliers both closed shop. There is a new diaper shop in our area but they don’t have Cliffords in Aki’s size.
      Try contacting Sumo Babies and Diaper Lady. If they still have stocks, go go go!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I’m expecting my first baby this September and I guess I’ll have to ready for diapers..

  4. sis faye here fellow n@wie! i missed your posts! i’m a suki over at diaperlady. but nakikisabay lang din kami sa ofcmate ni hubby sa pag order so it’s quite convenient pa for us to bring home the diaper. inuunti unti lang din pag inuuwi ni hubby from his ofc in Makati. i was a big fan of earth’s best nung baby pa si Maia. then i switched to clifford nung lumaki na ksi parating out of stock ang EB! then now we’re using baby love pull ups since malikot na ang toddler hehe. mas convenient kse pants na sya and mga 1 peso lang din difference sa magic tape diapers. pero winner talaga ang online diaper stores. laking tipid.

    1. i agree, laking tipid talaga.
      what brand of pull up diapers do you use?
      i will try to blo more often especially now that aki’s party is just a couple of days away

      1. We’re using Baby Love (comparable na sa Mamy Poko Pants). I also like Bear 123 pull ups pero it’s always out of stock and they only have XL as the largest size. Baby love has XXL pero lately parati na din walang stocks ang XXl 😦

  5. i just recently switched nappies for Dade, too. we used to use Pampers during daytime, and Huggies at night or when we’re going out. so far, so good. but we realized the amount of money we’re spending on Dade’s nappies, so we switched and gave Drypers a try kasi it’s a lot cheaper. we’re just finishing the pack of Huggies we bought, then Drypers all the way na kami 🙂

    i know diapers in the Philippines are pricier kaya whenever we go home, we always bring with us diapers for Dade’s use while on vacation. yup, kasama sa byahe ang diapers…haha!

    1. the amount we spend for diapers, grabe talaga noh. even more shocking if you compute for the annual cost.
      if only we have reliable water supply here paranque, we’d switch to cloth diapers.
      gracie, ff up naman sa supplier ratings. hhehe

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