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Do your kids love posing for the camera? Don’t you just love how they never run out of genuine smiles? Lucky you! I love my son to bits but I can’t help but wish that he is more photogenic. His candid smile makes my heart leap but his 1-2-3 smiiiiiile makes it clear that modelling is not for him. Haha. And don’t even dare ask him for retakes. Am not surprised. Franco is just like that, maybe even worse. During our last photoshoot, my 33-year old first born almost had a tantrum! Continue reading “Akisms”


Our family pictures make me sad

I have been looking forward to sharing our photos from our family photoshoot last August.  When I finally had the time to choose, resize and edit our photos, the tears just kept flowing as I remember that… Continue reading “Our family pictures make me sad”

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Family Photoshoot @ Timezone and Booksale

There is no denying that I love photoshoots. I am always the one behind the camera so it is really nice to be in front for a change. Every year, I look for new and upcoming photographers and hire them to take our pictures. See here for our past family photos. Our pictorials are always outdoor. Studio photos are nice too but the cost of printing is just too much. Plus you don’t get to take home all softcopies of the pictures. Lucky me, I won a free photoshoot from Caslow.

The theme of this year’s shoot is The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend. Locations were Timezone in High Street, Booksale and Dunkin Donuts in Makati Cinema Square. Getting a permit from Timezone was not a problem. I just sent them a message via Facebook and got the approval via email. The permit from Booksale was more troublesome. They normally do not allow photoshoots. The hassle and begging were worth it because our photos were amazing.








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Family Photo Shoot @ the Fun Farm in Sta. Elena

I am a certified losyang 364 days out of the 365 days in a year. I have shabby, ill-fitting clothes. Everyday is a bad hair day for me. I only have  a couple of pairs of shoes. However, there is one special day when I feel pretty and camera-worthy. Every year, sometime late August or early September,  I look forward to our family photo shoot. The links to our past family portraitss are in the sidebar, in case you want to view them.

This year, we had our shoot at the Fun Farm in Sta. Elena. These  photos were taken by Anna, Dom, Aldo and Roni of Studio 2716. To say that I am pleased with their output is an understatement.

This is my favorite.

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Fun Fun Fun Playdate and Family Photoshoot @ the Fun Farm {teaser}

Last Monday, the much awaited playdate which we have been planning for weeks, finally happened. We went to the Fun Farm at Sta Elena in Cabuyao along with Faye’s, Erlaine’s and Rachel’s families. I was not able to take a single picture using my cam while we were there because I was busy chasing my very happy toddler. The day did not go undocumented as there were 4 photographers from Studio 2716 who followed us everywhere we went. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

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{Aki’s Letter A Birthday Party} A is for Amazing Pictures

Before I go into the details of our letter A party, let me share pictures of my Adorable, Adventurous, Awesome, Amazing, Active, Artistic, Astonishing, Animated, Advanced, Affectionate, Athletic, Asian birthday boy!

If you are looking for a photographer, I highly recommend Studio 2716. Working with them was hassle-free. The turn over was super fast. Most importantly, photos were amazing.  Book them now while their rates are still amazingly affordable! Please tell Dom or Anna that I referred you.

30 minutes before the party, the house was still a mess and I haven’t bathed because of this tornado.
the birthdy boy had his cupcake and ate it too with gusto!

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2011 Family Photoshoot (Part I of IV)

I love beautiful pictures! Who doesn’t?

So long as there upcoming and affordable photographers to discover, I would like to make September the official family photoshoot month. 

My latest discovery is Jan of Labski Fotografi. Her rates are unbelievable affordable. Would you believe that the hair and make-up were free in her package? Since she is also a N@wie, it felt like working with an old time friend. Of all the photoshoots that we had, the most recent one was the most relaxed. Before I met her, there were times when I wished someone was taking a picture of us to capture ordinary but precious moments. That’s what she did. She allowed me to be involved in the whole creative process. The other photographers we worked with in the past were all outstanding, but it was only Jan who made me feel that whole shoot was very very personalized. When Jan told me that she wants to get a lot of  input from me, I started to make a list – a list of the fun everyday things that we like to do together like inspecting worms, chalk drawing etc. I came up with a list and it was two page long. Haha. Sometimes, while sitting inside the MRT, I would remember something, I would put it on the reminder function of my phone so I can list the idea down when I get home.

We had a shoot in four locations – Aki’s playroom, our garden, our bedroom and in Jollibee!

Here are my favorites from the garden shoot

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Aki and Manang Photoshoot

With a heavy heart, I would like to announce that our dear beloved Manang is going back to Samar for good. It is sad that she won’t be with us anymore when we have our family photoshoot next month. Good thing, we have the nicest photographer. She agreed to have a mini photoshoot just for Aki and Manang.

That is Wiki Jr and Tiki Jr. Last year we bought Aki a pair of java birds, Wiki and Tiki. One died because of solitude. The other one just disappeared. Wiki Jr and Tiki  Jr are maya birds.  We let them go after the photoshoot.

Here are the rest of the pictures.

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Capt. Akira’s Airplane Party: Aerospace Museum/Chateau Elysee

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Let me interrupt the regular programming with a negative supplier rating.

Aerospace museum is the best place to hold an airplane themed party.

There are 17 real aircrafts on display in the museum grounds.
The museum is beside NAIA 3 so it’s one of the best places for airplane watching.
The rental fee of the hall is only 5K. Deposit was only 1K.
Management only allows one event per day. Ingress of the caterers and stylists can start as soon as the admin office opens at 8AM.
There is ample parking for everyone.
The hall is spacious and can comfortably fit 300+ guests.

So why the negative supplier rating?

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