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Last Day High

Faded Patch. Bitin Pants. Same Excited Smile. Last day of school!

Dearest Aki, on your first year in Dadoy’s old school, you learned how to read in both English and Filipino. You learned how to multiply and divide.Oh and fractions too. You memorized all the mysteries of the rosary and prayed the Angelus us daily. You also had your first bestfriend, Zac. What makes us truly proud are your enthusiasm for learning and your faith in the power of praying.

So many wonderful experiences ahead of you but for now, enjoy your summer break! No more exams, no more homework. Your wish for do-nothing days is finally here 🙂

P.S. I hope you enjoyed your pancit canton baon surprise. Only because it is the last day and you have been a very good school boy, ok?


3 thoughts on “Last Day High

  1. One big accomplishment din for Mommy Maqui!!! I feel so old na tuloy hahaha Dati lang baby pa si Aki when I started reading this blog hahaha

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