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Making Wishes Come True through the Make-A-Wish Philippines Foundation

Now, I know how it feels like to be a genie. Granting wishes is both humbling and exhilarating. I feel extremely blessed to be given an opportunity to be a blessing to others. Through the Make-A-Wish Philippines, together with my friends, we granted the simple wish of 2 kids to have a remote controlled car. When I received the wishlist, I could not help but get emotional. The kids on the list are fighting life-threatening medical conditions and yet their one true wishes were so simple. To go to SM. To own a Ben-ten watch. To have a tribal shirt. The little things that we ignore are the same things that these kids have been dreaming of.

We started planning this surprise last January. Last Sunday was our most awaited day. We met at Shakey’s Katipunan. It was the perfect venue because there was an arcade inside the branch. And if you are like me, who have not eaten in Shakey’s in a long while, allow me to remind you that mojos taste sooooooo good.


Now it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you  my newest friends.

This is Maki. Yes, we have the same nickname. He is three years old and has neuroblastoma.


This is 4 year old Jiro. He has leukemia. This kid is really funny. He will go from sad to happy in seconds.

Focused Jiro
Focused Jiro

He was clearly disappointed when he took a break from playing because we asked for one picture


But that frown soon turned into a smile when he started playing again



How precious are those smiles?! I was telling Abi, our coordinator from MAW Ph, that there should be an arcade inside the Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

Time to open our gifts!


Jiro obviously not happy because he had to leave the arcade. Hahaha.

Can you feel Maki’s excitement and happiness?




But wait there is more.  The kids also received race car driver costumes from my NAW friends, Yey and Janine and shades from my officemate, Ate Rache. Thank you so much for your generosity.



But the surprise did not end there. We all went to UP and brought the kids to their first ever car show. Cool, right?


I would like to thank the UP Gears and Pinions, the organizers of the annual Rev Up Motorshow, for supporting our activity.

Even though our family is not into cars, we enjoyed looking at the unique displays.



What is it with boys and red cars? As soon as we got close to the red Ferrari, the boys got so excited and started dancing.



Special thanks too to the professional RC car players who allowed Jiro and Maki to play with and crash competition-level RC cars.


The last highlight of the day was when Jiro and Maki went up the stage and received a trophy from the car show organizers.



Dearest Jiro and Maki, you had no idea why people were cheering for you when you were onstage. We cheer because you are brave little happy warriors. May you draw strength and hope from the happy memories that we made last Sunday. You will always be included in our prayers.



To Aki, I was so proud of you. You were a good kuya to Maki and Jiro. Thank you for donating your RC car.


To Make-A-Wish Philippines, more powers to you! Thank you again for the opportunity to be a blessing to others.



Please leave me a message if you want to help the organization. You decide what you donate and how involved you want to be.  It is really easy 🙂


4 thoughts on “Making Wishes Come True through the Make-A-Wish Philippines Foundation

  1. Naku, sis, naiyak ako. Me and my pregnancy hormones. My son loves cars too and would often request me to race with him at home. I can only imagine how happy Maki and Jiro were with the experience. Bless your generous heart! 🙂

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