Do-It-Yourself Pizza Night @ Aki Pizzeria

For Aki’s 5th birthday, all he wanted to eat was pizza pizza pizza. One of these days, he’s going to grow a hard shell and turn into a ninja turtle. A couple of weeks ago, he said he wanted to make the ultimate  all-cheese pizza. Instead of using dough,  he will look for  a big chunk of cheese, cut it into a big circle and make it his crust. I can’t think of a pizza that’s cheesier than that!

Anyhoot, back to our celebration at home. While Aki was napping, I prepared the details for our little party. 

I made chef hats out of white cartolina and white Japanese paper.


Mafia Mustache


Our toppings include ham, pepperoni, bell pepper, tuna flakes, olives, mushroom and lots of cheese.


In an interesting turn of events, It was past 7PM and Aki was showing no signs of waking up from his nap. He rarely naps nowadays but when he does, he has a tendency of extending his nap time until the next day. Since Franco and I were so hungry, we went ahead and made our own masterpieces.


I know. I know. It does not look appetizing at all but wouldn’t you agree that anything made with your hands especially when your tummy is growling, tastes so much better?

And oh, Aki did wake up. And he was not happy at all that we started the festivities without him. Hehe.


Bon Apetit from the staff and management of Aki Pizzeria!



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