The Gift of An Ordinary Day

September Slumber {Part II}

Part 1 here

One of the highlights of Aki’s day is his school bus ride home with his closest friends. I had the chance to ride with these boys and may I just say, they are wild! Happily wild. And I just love it whenever Aki proudly says, “Guys, this is my mommy!!!!!”


I hope these boys will be busmates until they graduate from high school. 

Speaking of friends for life, finally, we got to have playdates with Maia, Coco and Kelsea. Kids have grown so much since our first playdate way back in 2012.


Check out our tie dye project. Nice, noh?


September was also extra special because of our office team building. I have been with the company for 12 years and this is the first official team building that I attended. More pictures to come in one of my future posts.


Lastly, check out Aki’s grades from the first grading period.


I have been meaning to blog about my learnings since Aki started in the big school. But who has the time to reflect and document?! I used to wake up early to blog. Now, I wake up early to wake up my boy. School bus arrives around 5:50 AM.

I miss blogging but I miss my bed more.

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