Hello! First time to blog using a tablet.

I recently celebrated my 33rd birthday. Aside from the gadget, my boys gave me these.

One of the reasons why I had not been blogging consistency is that my old then-trusty laptop is not so dependable anymore. Malware virus is beyond annoying. My camera is also dying. Photos are not as crisp as they        used to. 

To those who blog using an iPad, what apps do you use? Currently, I have Resize Image for resizing and PhotoGrid for editing and watermarking.

See you soon! I hope.

3 thoughts on “Testing

  1. Hi Maqui! I miss your blog posts. WordPress has actually a better mobile platform for blogging. As for the photos, I find it easier to edit using Adobe Photoshop Express or Google Snapseed.

    Hoping to hear from you soon 🙂

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