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September Slumber {Part I}

Pabebe wave from our little family to yours!


Oh yes, we are big fans of AlDub. Maine and Alden are one of the reasons why we are mostly at home on weekends. Franco is still in denial and claims that he is watching only because the lolas are hilarious. I have a picture to prove that he is kinikilig. If we are FB friends, head over to our wall to see the picture.  I posted it  because he posted my kilig picture without permission.

Anyhoo, September, just like most of the months of 2015, was quite uneventful. I could not find a nice photo of myself from our camera phone. Either I was sitting in our living room floor or laying in the bed. Uncombed in my Divisoria daster, take note. The gift of an ordinary day to the highest level.


That little girl is my niece, Rya. She loves me. I do think I am in running to become Rya’s next top tita.



And this, my friends, is the newest addition to our family. Meet Mister Fishy-Me. He is one fiesty fish. He is the only fish that we ever had, who played chase with us. Watch out when you are feeding him. If you are not fast enough, he might bite your finger.



We also had other pets last month. Because we know that they have their own families, we said our goodbyes after playing with them for an hour or so.



A hobby that we discovered is making and playing paper planes. Unlike the simple design that I was used to growing up, our paper planes are complicated and flies fast and far. If you have a grade school-age kid, I recommend that you try this hobby. It is fun, cheap and helps with fine motor skills and teaches basics of physics.




Now moving on to the kitchen front, the highlight was my homemade caramel ice cream. To make the caramel, Boil a can of condensed milk for 2 hours. Chill the can and a pack of cream overnight. The next day, put both ingredients in a bowl and whip whip whip until combined. Transfer to a container and cover. Freeze for at least 6 hours. The next time, I make this, I will use less caramel and more cream. I will probably add a drop of vanilla and maybe some sea salt.



The only date that I remember having with my hubby was our Heneral Luna  afternoon. I heard the movie has reached 200M. Even though my contribution to that is only PhP 360, I am proud that I helped a local movie become successful. A week has gone past since I watched and I still can’t get over Luna’s tragic death.  May the success of this movie lead to more educational and artistically made films.


Speaking of death, a friend lost her husband to a tragic road accident. So many realizations came to me after going to the wake. Love and appreciation should be expressed generously  and regularly because tomorrow is never guaranteed. Forgiveness sets you free. Faith equals peace. We are responsible not just for our own safety but also that of others #SharetheRoad. Beautiful family pictures are important. RIP, Chris. Mariz and Mateo will always be in our thoughts and prayers.



Will post the part II in the coming days.


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