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Oh What Fun!! Green and Red Divisoria Shopping

Yey! Thirty days to go before Christmas! And what better way to get into the holiday spirit than going to Divisoria for some green and red shopping. Oh what fun!!!!

I was there as early as 6:30AM. Most stalls were still setting up. I realized that when you arrive that early, the topless male kargadors and tinderos abound. It can get overwhelming. Lucky me, I am used to topless tambay-looking boys because that is exactly how Aki and Franco look like when we are home. Anyhoo, I also found out that tinderos can be superstitious. I did not get a discount nor was I allowed to buy just one yard from some stalls because I was their buena mano.

Some of my favorite finds from Ilaya and Tabora Streets


These were the first things I bought — really really tiny denim short for only 20 pesos a pair


Green, red and white tulle. These cost 35 pesos per yard or 3 yards for PhP 100.


Red and white sando (PhP20)


Fringe-y curtains (PhP75). I saw the exact same curtain in Cash and Carry. It costs twice. Yesssssss! I love it when I see items that I bought being sold somewhere else at a more expensive price.


Polkadot cloths for 30-45 yards per cloth.



Pants and long sleeves top for Aki’s bible bearer stint next month. If I remember correctly, total cost was PHP 280.


Paper Straw (PhP60) and Banners (PhP50)


I left my EQ at the doorsteps as I entered the first sewing supplies store that opened

Ribbons, ribbons and more ribbons. I should have looked around first before placing orders.


This roll was only PhP20!


I went a little overboard with the buttons. Now I have so many extras. Anyone wants to buys? Send me a private message.




A pirate patch for Aki.


Total damage…(gulp)….


My new favorite store is Filipinas Lace across Wellmanson.

I got more ribbons and buttons


Rick rack ribbons for 3-5 pesos per yard. I am so regretting getting the 12-13 pesos per yard ribbons from the other store.


Not in the picture are the 20 sheet of pattern/craft paper for 5 pesos per sheet. I am so ready for my holiday giftwrapping! If only I can say the same for my Christmas gift shopping. Hihihi


Also from Tabora was this reindeer headband for PhP35.


And these clear ornaments for 20-30 pesos.


Kitchen towel for 20 pesosesoses


We went to Anding’s too. I bought plastic fruits for my niece’s toy kitchen.


Lastly, I bought this bag because I had too many bitbit.

I arrived at 6:30AM. We (Faye, Rachel, Erlaine and me) finished at around 11AM. We were tired and oh-so-hungry so we spent the second half of the day eating in Binondo. More about that in one of my future posts.

12 thoughts on “Oh What Fun!! Green and Red Divisoria Shopping

  1. Hi Ms. Maqui may i know please if the Filipinas Lace near wellmanson is where located in divisoria? and how can i pm you regarding the buttons…cute kasi nung iba…

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