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A Lazy Gardener’s Update

When was the last time I blogged about my garden?

I can’t even remember.

Here is what is growing now

I have a citronella plantation. Hehe. I think we have around 8 now.


Aside from the kangkong patch, we also have a talbos ng kamote patch.


Look, we have ampalaya again. I miss Manang Lydia.


The eggplants which I thought were dying, are now bearing fruits again. yey!


Last but not the least, I now have bell peppers! We had around 7 chilli plants last year. We were not sure how many were bell, finger and labuyo chillis. Unfortunately, all but one died. We didn’t plant these new bell pepper plants. We just threw our scraps and voila, the seeds grew.


5 thoughts on “A Lazy Gardener’s Update

  1. Wow! I actually admire those people who grow vegetables at their own garden. Parang ang sarap isipin that you feed your family with that. Sobra sobrang with love yung food na kinakain nila kasi pinaghirapan mong alagaan at palaguin yung mga vegetables. How I wish I have enough space sa bakuran namin where I can plant vegetables din. 🙂

    1. abi! thanks for dropping by! have you heard of container gardening? pwede ka mag alaga ng veggies even if you have a small space if you learn the basics of container gardening

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